Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Verve College, guided by its unique national and diverse heritage, provides the student body with educational opportunities that promote learning, ensure success and provide knowledge and skills that allows them to meet current and the future demands of educational needs in our changing nation. We exist to provide educational opportunities to those seeking to enhance the quality of their lives and that of others. We recognize that a quality education is essential in assisting the student develop a sense of worth, high ethical standards and a sense of self-actualization as they pursue their professional and educational goals.


Verve College will be a leading provider of clinical education in the community and the region. It will be known for its responsiveness to today’s needs for qualified professionals, the excellence of its programs of study, and the skill and ability of its graduates. The Verve College graduates will also express in their professional lives and their service to the community the core value of the school, and they will demonstrate high ethical standards and the sense of self-actualization as they pursue their professional and educational goals.


The School assists each student in their journey toward becoming a meaningful, participating member of society through its integration of core values throughout the fabric of the institution. The core values which guide Verve College in realizing its mission are:


We uphold honesty, ethical behavior, trust and open communication as attributes of a value based institution. The institution’s reputation, relationship with students and institutional stakeholders is contingent upon the demonstration of these characteristics. We believe that everyone in the Verve College community must possess these attributes in order to accomplish our goals and demonstrate professionalism in work and study. Administration, faculty and staff role model these behaviors which our students demonstrate both in the educational setting and in the community.


We respect the dignity and worth of each individual and foster a climate of acceptance, trust, support and collegiality. We are a welcoming community and our goal is to enrich and enhance the quality of life for each person who comes in contact with the School, its administration, personnel and students.


We value collaborative partnerships with groups and organizations in the community with mission and values that mirror our own. These partnerships strengthen our bonds with the community and allow both students and School personnel develop a spirit of humanitarianism, the ability to appreciate the culture of giving and the ability to enhance their own potential for growth.


We acknowledge that the ability to teach and learn is a gift and responsibility that should be respected and nurtured. We support faculty who are dedicated to the mastery of their area of expertise and who engage students to be actively involved in the pursuit of knowledge. We honor, celebrate and reward high performance in both teachers and students who excel in this endeavor.


We celebrate the diversity of our school and neighboring communities as we seek to provide opportunities for all those we serve. We recognize that everyone brings some form of diversity to our community and we strive to welcome each one’s differences as well as the common bond that unites us as the academic community.


We are dedicated to setting high standards with the right priorities for ourselves and our students through the “Verve College Community for Excellence”. We infinitely endeavor for the institutional evolution through the assessment, strategic planning, curricula expansion and the outcome evaluation.