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If you are passionate about helping people around you with their medical needs, you can have a rewarding career as a Licensed Practical Nurse. One of the major advantages of choosing an LPN as your career is minimum educational requirements. You just need to opt for any certified licensed practical nursing program and you will be eligible to start working in many reputed health care facilities.

 Listed below are 4 Advantages of choosing your career as a Licensed Practical Nurse:

  1. Exciting Career Growth: As per the report from BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the demand for LPN is expected to grow up to 16 percent till 2024. This is over twice the average demand growth for other occupations, which is approx. 7 percent. As the population is growing, more LPNs will be required in home health environments, residential care facilities, and hospitals.

  2. Opportunities for Further Education: It is easy to make your nursing skills evolved throughout the career. After completing your licensed practical nursing education, you can grab certain opportunities for further education while working in any reputed health care facility. You can easily opt for RN (Registered Nursing) education to grow in your field.

  3. Emotionally Rewarding: A career as a licensed practical nurse is often emotionally rewarding as you are helping people by offering them basic nursing care. You will provide basic comfort, monitor their health and teach their family members how to take care of their loved ones.

  4. Flexibility: Most licensed practical nurses enjoy job flexibility by choosing the working shorts that fit the best to their schedule. You can also choose the health care setting that appeals to you the most. Some LPNs work in doctor’s office, while some work in clinics, hospitals, long-term care programs as well as skilled nursing facilities.

Well, becoming a successful licensed practical nurse is easy if you choose the right nursing program in any top LPN school in Chicago. Commonly, people take admission to the PN program or A&P course. Both programs help you get the best learning about different human body organs and their functions. With the great teaching staff, skilled instructors, lab resources, students can avail of the best nursing education in the LPN schools in Chicago.

If you are seeking the nursing career options in Illinois or the best nursing school in Chicago, then Verve College is a considerable choice for you. We are recognized as one of the most popular and accredited nursing schools in Chicago, offering the highest quality and accredited nursing programs. We hold approval and accreditations from the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education, ABHES (Accrediting Bureau of Health Educational Schools) an so on.

So, are you ready to build a rewarding career in Licensed practical nursing? Choose Verve College and create a promising job outlook.

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