4 Quick & Easy Steps To Apply for Financial Aid.

Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID

You have to first set up your federal student aid FSA ID. This is your personal identifying account and gives you electronic access to your financial aid application and process. You can get your FSA ID started by going to:

Online application for Student Financial Aid

Your next step is to complete your financial aid application online. Verve College’s FAFSA school code is: 041791 You can go through this link to start the application process:
There will be a list of documents that will be required for the application process. You can find the list at this link:

SAR (Student Aid Report)

After completing your online application with FAFSA, you will be given your Student Aid Report (SAR) within 3-5 days. The SAR will also reflect your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

Final Interview

For the last step, you will need to do a final interview with the Financial Aid Officer. Call Verve College at (630) 705-9999 to schedule an appointment. You will need to bring your (EFC) Estimated Financial Contribution from the SAR (Student Aid Report) to the interview