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Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society

It is an honor and privilege for Verve College to be a part of the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society. This honor society emphasizes characteristics such as wisdom and courage, and we would like to give our excellent students this rare opportunity to be a part of such a special society. Alpha Beta Kappa believes in the pursuit of truth and excellence in all fields and hopes to recognize institutions and individuals who have achieved and who hold forth the promise of future growth and service. Alpha Beta Kappa is the mark of distinction for postsecondary schools and their students who have demonstrated high scholastic achievement and standards. 

“The purpose of the society is to help institutions, and their students and alumni, through the encouragement and recognition of superior academic work in honorable fields of endeavor. Alpha Beta Kappa seeks to promote and reward personal integrity and excellence in mental and physical work and skills without regard to race, color, sex, creed, or national origin. Membership is based on merit. It is the uncommon person who qualifies for membership in Alpha Beta Kappa” (Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society).

Membership Privileges:

  • National Student Recognition
  • Reference Alpha Beta Kappa on all future resumes
  • Letters of Reference (upon request) when seeking employment or further education
  • Responds to all inquiries from employers, colleges, graduate schools, and scholarship committees
  • Personalized Membership Certificate
  • Each Certificate includes the Alpha Beta Kappa Gold Seal of Distinction
The mark of DistinctionABK Gold