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At first, I was disappointed because I had to retake N103, but now I feel, maybe, I needed to because this time around was better and I learned and grasped a lot more from my teachers and I loved it, so thank you.

Verenza Reynolds

The class coordinator is great .

Brandi James

I enjoyed my instructor and when the class coordinator came on board she was organized and efficient!

Alana Jones

The greatest asset to this college was the theory I received. The learning environment was welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable.I found my class counselor to always be available to answer questions and informative to students.


My overall experience at Verve College was new and challenging. We had a great class coordinator that was on top of everything and made sure all questions we had were answered in a timely manner. We had a mix of teachers with different learning styles. N103 teachers were by far the best and really pushed us and motivated us.


Verve College pushes you to the limit, you do get frustrated and want to quit, but with determination and hard work, you definitely will pull through. At the end, you do see the reward per the extra push you got from Verve College.


The class coordinators listen to the students, motivates, and respond rapidly. The class coordinators made my experience at Verve College a lot easier and stress free when it came to anything about financial aid, missing documents or hours.


I will start off by saying this has been a journey. I must say that my coordinator for N101 and N1-3 has certainly made the process easier. I have gained everlasting strength through this whole process. Last but not least, I give it all to GOD because he is the one that owned the glory.


Verve College is a great school that prepares the students, while helping them acquire the knowledge and education they need in order to practice as a licensed practical nurse. Besides, they also help and have great experience with clinical. My class coordinator is great person, who guided me through this program with all the information I need regarding financial aid and my educational program. Therefore, I really recommend my class coordinator for all the students. Thanks to the class coordinator for making me successful at Verve College.


It was a rough ride but in the end it was worth my while!


This had been hard for me, however, I made it though. Without my class coordinator and instructors, I don’t know where I would be. This was a very hard and challenging course, but I feel I have learned a lot that I didn’t know before. I look forward to my future as a nurse.


It was a struggle with working and taking care of my family, but I made it. I want to thank my instructors and class coordinator for all the inspiration talks. I really needed them. I never been an all A student to have made it this far is such an accomplishment for me.


My class coordinator is an asset to your facility. She is extremely knowledgeable and very caring. She has been very motivating throughout the experience.


My class coordinator was great and positive. She knew what was expected of us.


I appreciate my experience here at Verve College. Everything is great. The administration, the teachers,and even the students are great. I can recommend anybody who asked me to pursuit the career at Verve College with all the excitement. Keep up the good work.


My class coordinator is the best class advisor that my class had throughout the duration of this program. Thank god for my instructors.


Verve College is a challenge. With hard work and dedication it is possible! I did it! The instructors that I had were amazing and knowledgeable and definitely set you up for success!


Pros of Verve College are the instructors – they are great and they care. I appreciate each and every one of them.


This course is hard, but nothing in the world is worth having without effort and sacrifice. Stay focused, do the work and you’ll make it.


Verve College was a good experience it’s very challenging but it is worth it.


My experience was great at Verve College. All the staff and my instructors were very helpful and motivated me every step of the way.


The teachers at Verve College were very helpful and really cared about their students and wanted them to pass. Verve College did a great job prepping students for tests and NCLEX. I would recommend the school to anyone.


My experience at Verve College was pleasant. There were many obstacles in the way but every resource was provided for me to finish the course smoothly. I will advise anyone who wants to become a practical nurse and advance to become a registered nurse to select Verve College because you will be knowledgeable by the time you finish school.


Verve College is a great institution. You are continuously challenged to study. The school brings out the best in you. Right from the first day of school you are challenged to give your best inside to succeed. It has been a great and wonderful experience learning nursing at Verve College. I would recommend Verve College to aspiring nursing students as a great place to learn. It has been a wonderful and exciting time here.


My experience at Verve College’s LPN program was very challenging. However, I felt as though it has pushed me to improve myself as an individual. In terms of both education and character, my experience at Verve College has made me into a stronger person. I feel I am ready to start my journey as a new nurse thanks to Verve College.


Nursing isn’t an easy field, but when you have competent instructors who have a passion for nursing and teaching, it makes the rollercoaster enjoyable. I thank all my instructors for believing in me and pushing me to believe in myself. You think you don’t learn much because time flies, but when you sit down to take your ATI Comprehensive and pass it on the first time it pays off, all your tears, hard work. Definitely worth it.


My experience at Verve College was challenging, but needed. I’ve never been pushed so hard in my life, but I would have never known my limits. I can truly say by attending Verve College I feel limitless. I’m very knowledgeable and passionate about nursing now and I feel I have the confidence to keep going.


The teachers are amazing! If you show you are trying they will support you 100%. They take pride in what they do and know that their success is reflected by your success.


My experience at Verve College started in May of 2016. I had to take a leave of absence in August of 2016, I was grateful of that. I returned back to school March of 2017 and I hit the floor hard and studied very hard, I had wonderful instructors who were eager to help me pass. I would recommend anyone who wants to become a prudent nurse to attend Verve College.


Verve College has prepared me to be a nurse who is confident in performing on patients. If I can make it through this program, I can pass the NCLEX. Thanks for being challenging.


This was great to me I’m glad that I came to the school. I’m happy that I’m able to become a nurse, and I thank the school for everything that I have learned. I had some amazing teachers that have taught me a lot of things.


I love that Verve College gives a person an opportunity to remediate, and not completely give up on them from the first try! I love that and they should never change. A blessing to the little people.


I feel my choice for going to Verve College for my LPN was a great decision. I think the way the program is set up is a great idea. They give you a lot of resources to help pass NCLEX and to really help you learn the concepts and skills needed in the field. This was my second nursing school I attended and I passed with flying colors because of all the resources and teachers here.


I really like the instructors because they push you to become a prudent nurse. I have referred many students to the school and I really appreciate everything they helped me with.


I appreciate the assistance of Verve College, ATI, the instructors, and the material. It has offered me to pass the course.


It is very hard but you can pass with hard work and dedication.


Verve College is one of the best institutions that I have ever attended. The staff and faculty are very professional in their dealings with students and are always willing to support students in any way they can to help them succeed. I would recommend Verve College to any prospective student who is planning a nursing career to consider Verve College, and I believe they will never regret that choice.


NCLEX-PASSED! I want to thank the Professional Career Certification and Training Institute (Verve College) for seeing more than a test score and providing me with the opportunity to achieve my goal in becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse. Some schools will turn you away if your score is less than a 70% on the TEAS test but Verve College took the time to look at the whole student and take a chance on a person’s determination to succeed. They provided and fully implemented the tools for learning the material at hand. They go the extra mile to ensure you have every opportunity to make it. Nursing school is grueling, nail biting and hair pulling; I don’t care where you go. It’s a commitment. “You will have to adjust and pass on some things. You gotta do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do. Your focus is your reality” (Instructor). Verve College provides a very flexible schedule with allows you to attend day, evening, and even weekend classes. I want to give honor and praise to my Heavenly Father through his Son Jesus Christ for providing me with the strength to keep going when I felt like giving up. I want to thank my teachers for their positivity and encouragement every step of the way. “Team work makes the dream work” (Instructor). There were times that I was so tired, and I remembered my instructor drilling into our heads to eat small frequent meals to keep up our energy levels. It’s on the NCLEX. I want to thank the administration for keeping our records on track, staying up on everything and always being available to assist, even providing a listening ear and moral support without hesitation; that meant the world to me.


The school is very strenuous and demanding but it’s worth it.


Verve College is very strenuous and demanding but the courses really prepare for the test.


Verve College taught me patience. I took the classes for granted at first and failed 102; now I made it to 103 and am so happy, thanks to Verve College.


Work hard to keep up with school demands.


I had a good experience with Verve College and had a good instructor.


Stay on task, don’t quit, the program can be challenging but overall you can make it.


This school is wonderful. I really feel that the instructors really care about the students. The materials are readily available for students to use. It is fast-paced but it can be done. I will recommend this school to my family and friends.


I would highly recommend Verve College to anyone interested in applying. Great teachers and staff.


Thank you Verve College, you are the best school ever. I love everyone who makes this school excellent.


Great instructors. I had a great experience with them.


I do appreciate all my instructors and the knowledge I gained coming to Verve College.


Thanks to my class coordinator. I will recommend this school to anybody.


I would recommend Verve College to anyone! Thanks for everything.


My instructors were great. The school provides you with many resources to excel throughout the program.


My class coordinator has been phenomenal. I appreciate her diligence with everything.


I really like my instructors, and I want to say thank you to my coordinator for all her help.


My original start date was for September 2014. I went to orientation day and realized that I was not ready to be focused in order to complete this program. At that time I had lost my dear friend and brother so I put it on hold until April of 2015. I knew that time was working against me this time because now, I was a year older and not a spring chicken. This was a lifelong dream of 30 years that I had to complete this time, no matter what happened.

I was going strong until I came up against two family members’ deaths. My two cousins’ parents died in December and January and their children had to come live with me. I did not make it out of N102 – I had missed a lot of days and could not stay focused. In the meantime, I lost a nephew to violence. Then I had my cousin die in a house fire, my sister on Christmas morning, and a cousin a week later. I say that to say that this storm was bad but I made it. It was the support from management, my instructor and my classmates but most important is that God got me through. I was determined and then two months later I got sick. I had to check in the hospital on a Sunday after class and I signed myself out on a Friday night to go to school that Saturday morning to take my test. I can remember every day that I went to school I would get out of my car and as I walked in I would say “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. At this time I felt like I was among family, not just classmates and management.

The night before I took the exit exam I took my cousin with me to Walmart. She went into the candy section and she said, “Here, buy some Lifesavers for your peeps”. I said, “Lifesavers? Why Lifesavers?” She said, “Because each color in the pack represents your peeps and the people that you all will be taking care of. So go take that test and be a Lifesaver”. I passed exit with a 98%. I say to you that if this is what you want, to be a nurse, a Lifesaver, then you will truly put your best foot forward and let nothing stop you. Stay focused, the road may be rough but the outcome is GREAT. I would like to be the first to address you as future nurses as a staff member used to always say to us,. and she spoke it into existence. I would like to welcome you to Verve College, future nurses.


Very interesting learning technique, nice student service coordinator, and great instructors.


The school was difficult, but it’s nursing school so it should be difficult. The one thing I enjoyed while going here were my instructors – two of the best teachers you could have.


I was able to learn the nursing field as a future PN with amazing teachers.


I enjoyed my experience at Verve College. Great school with great resources.


I think Verve College has the potential to be a #1 school. My teachers throughout the program were very supportive and answered all questions.


My instructors provided me with the education knowledge that I need to be a successful PN. Reading and studying hard paid off.


I attended Verve College and the program is a very hard course. I think the school has prepared me to pass NCLEX. It has given me all the skills and material to handle my career in being a PN. It was a lot of hard work but it was worth it at the end. I’m looking forward to go into the next step in my career.


I attended Verve College and the program was very rigorous. I feel that I am prepared to pass my NCLEX-PN.


My instructors helped me understand so much, thank you all and God bless.


There is no way that I could have done this without studying and making sure I stayed focused. I have had my ups and downs during this program and I would tell the upcoming nursing to stay focused and remember to always stay positive. Never take any of the material given to you for granted and remember to shoot big. Verve College has taught me more than I thought I would. My instructors were great and I thank them all.


Verve College pushes you to your limit. They force you to pull strength and determination out of yourself that you didn’t even think you had.


The program is very hard. You must study. The instructors were very kind and helpful.


I am very much thankful to the administration and the teachers who in one way or another contributed to the success in my PN program. Over all it’s a pleasant experience for me to have attended Verve College.


In life everything is hard. It’s up to you whether you want it bad enough. Yes, it means you will have some sleepless nights, tears, and frustrations. In the end it will be worth the struggle.


Verve College helped me to become a good nurse.


I like Verve College, it’s a nice school. It did help me learn the role and responsibility to become a nurse.

I’ll recommend this school to my friends because this school has instructors that are willing to help the students.


In all my academic pursuits a s a student of several institutions, Verve College is a class of its own. I am very glad to have been a student of this high achieving institution. I know that hard work and being an achiever goes a long way.

My special thanks to God almighty; also the wonderful couple that owns the school and their entire staff. Thank you.

C. Egejuru

I just want to say this program was very challenging but well worth the fight. The Chicago staff was very helpful and really believed in me. I would like to thank my instructors for helping me. They are the best instructors I’ve ever met. They are the best asset to the school.

Tatiana E

I am so thankful to Verve College for helping me to get to the dream of my life. Nursing school is hard, but with the teachers and the staff at Verve College it became true. I joined Verve College as a transfer student. The school and the classmates and teachers welcomed me with their hands wide open. Completing the program was not possible without the instructors. Verve College was there for me when I was having a hard time. Sacrificing my job and fun with the family was hard, but you have to lose something to gain something. Believe in yourself and don’t second guess yourself. Verve College has the best instructors who have the experience and who are ready to help their students with the same respect to every student equally trying to understand the needs of everyone. As a graduate of Verve College, I am ready to take my NCLEX because they train you for everything that you going to face as a nurse. I cannot thank you enough everyone who helped me through this hard journey.

Lincy G

Verve College is a great school, good instructors, and good learning environment. Even though nursing school itself is a big challenge, you have to put in all your effort and the biggest part is believing in yourself. All this, Verve College with the help of my instructors has helped me achieve. Thank you.

Oluyemi L

Verve College was a great experience. I learned a lot and enjoyed majority of my instructors. Everyone in the office was awesome.

Precious B

Nursing school is one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my entire life. The program at Verve College is fast-paced and demanding. But if you focus, pay attention, and use all the tools given to you by the school, you can pass and become the amazing nurse you have always wanted to be.

Lanise C

The school has helped me achieve my first step in nursing and I am grateful for that.

Mavis A

I am happy that I graduated and I appreciate everyone who helped me make it happen

Rachel P

I am very lucky to be a student of Verve College. This program was hard but when I finished my exit exam, I know so much material that I am 100% ready for NCLEX. The teacher and the staff are very friendly, intelligent, smart people. With support of all of them, I graduate from PN program. They care of student. I am very thankful for my advisors. They always drive me in the right direction; they supported me all of the time to keep working hard to get to the end of the program. Thank you to all of my teachers- they are smart.

Maria V

I started out at Verve College in March of 2014. I left my job after 10 yrs as a medical assistant to pursue my dream as a nurse. I started this program with such confidence in myself due to my knowledge of the medical field. Well I found myself at the of N101 with a 75%, which means I didn’t move on to N102. I was completely devastated, I was told I had to wait 172 days before I could start over.

During the waiting period I started a new job continued to study and read my books. I stated N101 in March of 2015, during my break I decided to empty my head of what knowledge I already had and allow my instructors to teach me. The ladies in office were so helpful and kind to me throughout my whole time here as a student. The staff was very helpful and they cared about my scores and me. The instructors were the bomb, they made you want to learn and made you push past every excuse you wanted to give. In the beginning I felt the 84% was so hard to obtain but here I am today a graduate of Verve College. With hard work and giving up somethings making sacrifices it is obtainable. Thank you Verve College for all your resources and support throughout my journey.

Mia T

I have had a very good experience with Verve College. Every time I had a question or needed help I was able to find it. The instructors and administration were able to help me whenever I had questions or problems. This is a very difficult program and should not be taken lightly but hard work and dedication definitely pay off. Thank you Verve College.

Kristine S

Nursing school is not easy. Because of this through this whole process I am glad I chose Verve College. With all the resources and information that is given to us at first you think it’s a lot and yes many long nights falling asleep in books buts I have learned a lot and it has paid off. Verve College has helped me fulfill my dream and I now have the knowledge to help other people and that means a lot.

Tayaqua D

I think the program is extremely hard but attainable. I am a single mom of 4 kids so I had no choice but to work & go to school full time. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life!!! But I will do it all over again as I am grateful for my theory and clinical instructors.

Tamicka B

Verve College is a good school. It is a lot of studying and hard work. I feel very prepared for boards. The teachers were very helpful and the staff is nice.

Colleen M

Verve College like other schools is not perfect. You will hear that Verve College is hard or do not have enough tools to help you succeed. But I will tell you now Verve College is above average considering of its size and years of operation. Nursing school is hard in general and students need to do their part to pass the program.

I came from a different background with no knowledge or idea about nursing. However, my attitude to learn played a big factor. Together with instructors and staff I passed NCLEX few months after I completed the program.

To future students, you cannot change the nursing field, the schools nor the instructors but you can change yourself. You can do the program, you can pass the NCLEX if you accept to yourself that nursing is hard.

While writing this letter, I have job offers from various setting and this is the start of my journey in nursing field. Thank you Verve College for helping me achieve my dream. Again thank you staff, Verve College, and God for making this possible.

Edgar L

I,Christopher, really appreciated the good works and effort of Verve College and staff.I appreciated especially in their challenging exams, which made me to study harder and harder for my success.I also appreciated the help of the staff as well as my instructors. I encourage the current students to study hard and utilize the materials provided for them by the school (Verve College). I also encourage the students the use of critical thinking skills in every aspect of their nursing program.
Thank you, and God bless you.

Christopher, PN.

My name is Monica. I am 28 years old. My goal was to become a nurse and I did it! Thanks to Verve College and my hard work. It was not easy but if you really work hard, you can do it!

Monica M

It pays to be a student of Verve College because we are taught to work hard and study to earn what we want. Verve College has helped me to be independent. My advice to upcoming students and who yet to graduate for your program: Keep your head with and focusing on the prize. In addition, I would say dedicate your effort into study and attending classes and you will find yourself smiling at last. Great citadel, great teachers and great staff.

Sandra O

All said and done. It was a long journey of hard work, studying, practicing and lots more. But it was worth the time and effort. To the upcoming student I will say nursing is easy when you put in hard work, time and determination. Keep studying and listening to your instructors because they know better than you do and are ready to impart knowledge into you. I will like to say in most things if not all “determination makes a man or woman”. Good Luck to you students and keep studying.

Ehimwenma O

The nursing program is very, very, I mean very rough, but I will advise any student to just hang-in even if you have to retake the course. Please do so because it worthy at the end.

Remi O

I am Marie O. I am delight to be student at Verve College, PN school. The course was hard, but at the end, I really enjoyed it because they really help you for the state board. I can say I was much stressed but now I am very happy, I made it. I encourage everyone who wants to become a PN or RN, never give up and be patient to keep going. I am so happy to be Verve College student and encourage everyone to attend this school. I thank everybody for their patience.

Marie O

Verve College was definitely a challenging PN program while in the end it was worth the diligence. Verve College exams definite help you for the NCLEX.

Aisha G

The truth is that it is not easy. You have to be very dedicated. I learned by experience. I am glad it’s over. Don’t stop with PN, go further. You can do it just as I have.

Anna L

I am very happy and excited that I completed my PN program in this school because I learned a lot! The program is intense but career focused and I feel that I am confident that I have the shills that I need to succeed. Everyone was helpful and helped me with what I needed.

Fatima M

My experiences at Verve College was great. I enjoyed my instructors. Through hard work and dedication I gained the knowledge & experience that I needed to pass NCLEX. I will forever be grateful. The staff was very helpful, supportive, like a family ready & available to handle questions & concerns. I would recommend Verve College (My school) to anyone determined & willing to be successful. I am a Verve College success story

Londie PN

"My experience at Verve College was very challenging but very rewarding. I'm happy I started my nursing career and looking forward to completing my career. Thanks to Verve College, I learned to work very hard to succeed".

Crystal PN

I am happy I attended Verve College because it allowed me to get one step closer to where I want to be in my nursing career. IT wasn't easy by far. It was a challenge and there were any times that I doubted myself, felt stressed and wanted to quit. However, I met a lot of wonderful women through out this process and we continued to cry, motivate and push one another to keep going. No matter what nursing program you get the privilege to attend thee are going to be many obstacles and sacrifices you will have to jump over and make. I wouldn't change my decision on attending Verve College because I did make it, it was possible to do and that all i wanted.

Coranette - PN

I am very happy that I'm done.

Keira - PN

I am happy to finish .

Justyna - PN

I'm happy I'm done.

Ana - PN

Nothing to say, except I'm glad I'm done.

Donna - PN

Glad it's finally over and I'm closer to my dreams.

Berteal - PN

I am just glad that I'm finally done. I made it, is gruesome but worth it.

Oluremi - PN

I took the PN class at Verve College.  One reason I love this school is because of the weekend program.  The classes were very hard but the flexible class allowed me time to study and work.

Denise - PN

I strongly recommend Verve College PN program. Good teachers and nice staff. Neat environment.

Chihchung - PN

I took my PN program in this school. I would first of all give thanks to God for taking me through such a very challenging but rewarding course. I thank the entire management team .

Sumana - PN

PN program is very hard but doable. With the help of instructors, when it comes to learning is very good. I will recommend this school for future PN students that don’t mind having chicken nuggets for Thanksgiving Day. Our clinical instructor is very helpful with teaching students clinical skills.

Aries - PN

I had good times and bad times. But overall I enjoyed the staff, teachers, and my classmates.

Nikki - PN

I worked very hard and now I will be a nurse. It is very exciting! My experience downtown with the instructors has been all positive.

Julie - PN

I had an exceptional experience and had a wonderful set of instructors. Happy to be finished.

Dennis - PN

The nursing program is a very hard program. With hard work and dedication you can pass the PN program. Study hard with ATI!!!

Nicole - PN

Verve College has awesome teachers and their administrative staff is much better. The teachers care and that's what's important when you have so much to juggle in life as well as school. I would recommend Verve College, you just have to put in the work because the program isn't easy.. but nothing in life worth having is.

Brandi - PN

I would first of all give thanks to God for taking me through such a very challenging but rewarding course. My instructors were very helpful in so many ways, making sure everyone pass all the course work and NCLEX. I thank the entire management team, most especially Verve College Staff for their wonderful job.

Richard - PN

Verve College has provided adequate resources for me to finish the Practical Nurse program. In as much as they have excellent instructors, they too have some of those who neither have the passion nor the desire to teach. Fortunately, the school listens and obviously terminated some of them. There are members of the staff who perform more than is expected. They are the backbone of the school. Overall, just like any institution, there are things that need improvement. Yet for those good things that Verve College did, they did them quite well. Thank you very much!

Arnold – PN

Verve College helped my dream come true of becoming a nurse.

Nolan – PN

I thank my instructors very much. School was challenging but with the help of my class instructors, these are the most amazing professors I’ve had, very supportive and intelligent. I truly thank them and my mother. I won’t say it was a great experience because it wasn’t. It was hard, challenging and very stressful but worth it. Glad and happy to finally be done. I’m an PN!!!!

Erika V- PN

My 102 nursing instructors were very resourceful and educating. I greatly appreciate both of them they did an amazing job. I also want to thank my clinical instructors who did an amazing job in my clinical to help me learn the needed things to be a nurse! I would say this program has been a very intense fast paced learning, very hard core program to any student coming in to this program but it does teach a future nurse self discipline for a better nurse.

Erika S- PN

I acquired excellent quality and knowledge from my instructors both in class and clinical sites. I think my testimonies for Verve College goes to their sound improvement in educational standards and good teaching methods.

Patrick – PN

I would like to share my experience about Verve College, the instructors & also the owner (Nitasha) was very good to me & went that extra mile to make sure that I passed my exams as well as my HESI Exit & I would like thank everyone at Verve College. .

Cherie - PN