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Financial Aid Office Code of Conduct

Financial Aid Office Code of Conduct

All employees of Verve College must display the highest ethical standards. All employee’s priority is commitment and loyalty to Verve College and its students. Employees of Verve College must not take advantage of their role and position for their personal benefit and gain.

All laws and regulations must be followed. Employees should not take any action that they believe might be contradicting to the law, policies, regulations, or the best interest of the student body we serve.

Employees of Verve College must remain unbiased and all information given to the students and parents must be impartial and accurate and should not show any preference from actual or possible personal or institutional gain.

Employees of the school must be objective in their decision making or counseling of student and school about any involvement in regards to student financial aid.

No employees should request or receive anything from someone involved in the making, holding, consolidating or processing of any student loans, including anything of value.

All involvement with or interest in any unit regarding financial aid must be made known to Verve College.

The Financial Aid Office Code of Conduct applies to any and all employees that are part of Financial Aid. This includes the financial aid staff, supervisors, managers, personnel dealing with student loans or grants and anyone that are associated and has the responsibility and authority over the financial aid process. All persons must follow the “Student Loan Code of Conduct” and review and familiarize themselves with the policies annually.