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Discover 10 Advantages of Becoming a Nurse now

Discover 10 Advantages of Becoming a Nurse now

Why become a nurse? If you are considering changing careers, there are many reasons to consider becoming a nurse. Benefits include personal fulfillment, successful nursing career advancement, and a cultural diversity of options. Verve College’s accelerated nursing track can help you to earn your school diploma in as little time as in 14-16 months.

CTX is an excellent option for motivated individuals who want to learn the advanced practice. You can enter in medical field faster to enhance clinical skills with the licensed practical nursing programs by using your community college credits (minimum of 60) and other degrees. 

10 reasons to become a nurse can give you a better understanding of why people choose this profession.

10 Reasons to Become a Nurse

1. Meaningful Work

You want a career you can rely on, but you also want one that will give you job satisfaction. A profession in nursing can provide you with both. Even licensed practical nursing programs is a great career option to learn critical thinking skills.

Even though nursing can be physically demanding, it is an extremely rewarding career & enhance your professional growth. You can make decisions that will help improve others’ lives. Your work as a nursing professional has an positive impact on the people in your community every day.

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2. In-Demand Career

Demand for nurses & healthcare professionals will continue to grow across the country. Why? Why? Despite this, the number of experienced nurses continues to increase rapidly.

3. Diverse Opportunities

Nursing is a profession that changes constantly. Vocational nurses who have a broad scope of practice in continuing accreditation are able to work in many different environments. As a nurse, you may choose to provide direct patient care in a hospital & nursing homes. Your knowledge and clinical practice are transferable to other clinical settings.

  • Cruise ships
  • Camping’s
  • Military bases
  • Medical transport
  • Correctional facilities
  • Courts of Law
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Medical Disaster Teams

4. Job Stability

Nursing is a profession that has existed for centuries. Automation or outsourcing labor will not replace the clinical nursing profession. Health care team are still an essential part of the healthcare system. Even in uncertain economic times, like the present, their nursing skills are still needed. More nurses will be required to educate and give basic care to patients & older clients as the baby boomer generation ages in healthcare facilities.

5. Schedule Flexibility

Nursing offers the benefit of being able to schedule your time around your needs. Depending on the employer and their specialization like adult health & mental health, healthcare team or nurses can work part-time or full-time to acquire a hands-on experience. In hospitals and long-term care centers, nurses work 12-hour shifts on three or four nights or days a week. Some nursing jobs can be completed in an 8-hour shift five days a week.

6.Collaborative Team Dynamic

Nurses are part of a tight-knit group. Nursing is not an individual career. You will be working with other nurses and members of the medical staff throughout your shift & in health care settings.

People will do critical care and be interested in your success. Because they work together closely, nurses tend to form close relationships with each other. Social people who are looking to make lasting friendships will find nursing a rewarding career.

7.There Are No Two Days of the Same

Nursing offers daily variety and excitement. You won’t be doing the same thing every single day. You will be treating difficult patients with unique & complex health conditions and at different life stages.

8.The Community Will Respect You

According to Gallup, nursing has been rated the most honest and ethical profession over the past 20 years. According to Gallup, the nursing profession has had the highest ratings for ethical behavior, honesty & made strong connections with patients in the last 20 years.

9.Flexible Schedule

Most nursing jobs offer flexible hours and schedules. This is a great benefit for parents and guardians. Depending on the employer, a nurse’s work shifts can be 8, 12, or 10 hours. If you work 12-hour shifts, you will be able to work fewer days per week.

10. Interaction

Nursing is for you if you are personable and enjoy working with people. Most of the time, nurses interact with doctors, nurses, and patients to check vital signs to improve patient outcomes. It is possible to improve communication & practical nursing skills for nurses in stressful situations.

Nurses must also be able to listen well to understand the needs of patients. If you don’t like the idea of staring at your computer screen all day, then nursing could be a good option for you.

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