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Top 7 Reasons to Become a Licensed Practical Nurse Right Now

Top 7 Reasons to Become a Licensed Practical Nurse Right Now

Licensed Practical Nurses are employed as healthcare professionals who work in medical settings. They assist doctors in providing high-quality healthcare services to patients in many different settings.

Who Exactly is a Licensed Practical Nurse? 

These include clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare settings. If you are passionate about helping people, this job will allow you to do so. What are the reasons you should become a practical nurse, then?

The Licensed Practical Nursing Program

When you enroll in a LPN programs, you will learn both hands-on and classroom skills. You will also learn to assist patients in inital clinical treatments, like taking sample tests, or medicating patient to prepare for further check-up to helping patients change or helping elderly patients in bathing, etc.

What Exactly They Do?

They are a valuable asset to any hospital or medical facility. They assist in completing clinical and tasks that help patients get the care they need. They are under the supervision of doctors.

While their day consists of assisting patients in their chores, they are also required to take vital signs and draw blood to administer medication. These nurses have daily responsibilities like:

  • Interaction and patient care
  • Schedule appointments
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Organizing patient records
  • Labor work, such as the examination of samples


Top 7 Reasons to Work as a Practical Nurse

Practical nursing can be a rewarding career because of the many benefits they offer. Here are the top reasons you should become a licensed practical nurse; good pay, flexible hours, and many other benefits are some very few examples.

This is an In-Demand Job

The healthcare industry is expanding, which means that demand is increasing. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in practical nursing is expected to grow 19% by 2029. You can work anywhere, from small clinics to large hospital wings. There will always be the requirement of the services of a practical nurse.

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It Pays Off

A practical nursing job is one of the highest-paying job that does not require a college diploma. This is due to the increase in requirement of nursing staff in the country. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, practical nurses earn an average of $36,800 per year. Depending on your job loction, you could make more. Working at a hospital could help you earn $43,400.

You Can Obtain Certification Quickly

A practical nurse can be trained in 14-15 months. It typically takes about one and a half years to become certified and ready for work. Some programs offer internship opportunities to help you get started.


Practical Nurses must be certified. Nursing Aspirants can become certified by clearing NCLEX exam in Practical Nursing after completing your diploma in an approved licensed program. Certification demonstrate that you are well-prepared to enter the medical field.

Predictable, Flexible Hours

Working as a medical assistant at a clinic will be fine if you are used to working standard hours. You can also work as a practical nurse in hospitals or emergency clinics if you prefer flexible hours.

Enter the Field Quickly

You can quickly enter the field by combining short programs in practical nursing to satisfy high demand for nursing. You can get certified almost as fast as you get it.

Success After-COVID

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, practical nurses are in greater demand than ever. However, even after the pandemic, potential and current licensed practical nurses can be confident that their skills will be in high demand. The demand for preventive services increases as the baby boom generation ages. Practical nurses will be required by doctors of all levels.

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