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Top 5 Career Benefits That Practical Nurses (PNs) Enjoy!

Top 5 Career Benefits That Practical Nurses (PNs) Enjoy!

There are lots of ways to make your entry into the nursing career. You could become registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, surgical nurse, primary care nurse, emergency room nurse, just to name a few major areas. The kind of nursing career that you opt for depends upon your professional and personal expectations from your job. In this article, we’ll focus our attention on the career benefits of becoming a licensed practical nurse and help you understand why this may possibly be the right choice for you.

1. A Career Field That’s Poised for Growth

Building career in a field that’s projected to grow significantly over the years to come can be quite assuring. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that employment for licensed practical nurses PNs and vocational nurses is likely to see a growth of 12% in the decade 2016-2026. It is worth noting that this projected figure is faster than the average growth for all professions. This is a good time to complete a PN program and get ready to begin career as a practical nurse.

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2. Offers Quicker Entry Into Nursing Field

The training for a PN program can usually be completed within much shorter time span when compared to other nursing programs, say for Registered Nurse RN. PN program offered at Verve College in Oak Brook and Chicago, Illinois, is a certificate/diploma program that takes 14-15 months to complete. If you are interested in attaining requisite education and start working as soon as possible, then practical nursing may just work for you.

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3. Immense Scope for Enhancing Your Education

Once you become a practical nurse, there are many ways that you can go from there. If you are happy where you are as a PN, you can stay right there and continue to do the wonderful work that you are doing. If you aspire to become a registered nurse sometime in the future, you can certainly make the transition while still working as a PN. In fact, having the extensive skills, knowledge and experience as PN will enable this transition to be easier for you.















4. Get a Lot of Diversity in Your Working

Any profession that offers diversity is an exciting prospect since it means that there is a lesser chance for you to get caught up in the daily job monotony. As a practical nurse you get diverse workplace options. Nursing homes, rehab clinics, hospitals, home care, and medical offices are just some workplaces where you have the choice of working at. You will also get to interact with a variety of patients and learn about different medical technologies.

5. Manage Work and Life Relatively Easily

Nursing is a highly demanding profession. This makes the work-life flexibility in practical nursing instantly noteworthy. Here, you have greater flexibility in planning your work schedule by settling for a work shift that works for you. In fact if you don’t want to work full-time, you can simply do work on per diem basis as per your convenience.

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