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How to Prepare for Your Nursing Job Interview?

How to Prepare for Your Nursing Job Interview?


Finally! You’ve completed your Licensed Practical Nursing Program and received an opportunity you were looking out for, that’s great. But now you must prepare for your nursing job interview that you need to appear for. Your nursing home care training is scheduled in a way to let you learn all the basic and advanced responsibilities of being a nurse.

It’s quite exciting to have a nursing job interview scheduled for yourself, but other major steps must be kept in mind to prepare for it.

Hygiene tune-up: This is the ideal time to have a haircut, manicure, and pedicure, trim your beard (guys), color your hair if desired, etc.. You need to appear your very best!

Purchase a savvy business outfit: This is the opportunity to purchase a nice looking outfit in case you do not own any business attire clothing. Women should concentrate on buying an outfit which includes either slacks or skirt (knee-length, according to the experts, is the shortest you wish to go), fine blouse with a blazer. For shoes, attempt to wear heels, not longer than 1 inch high. You can find great bargains and deals online on business clothing for ladies. Men should focus on a suit and tie with a matching slack with dress shoes.

Practice Mock Interview Questions & Etiquette: Generally, in a nursing job interview, you will face the same type of interview questions. By way of example, “How would you manage a patient that’s behaving violently?” Or “What do you provide our unit as it pertains to providing patient-centered care?”. You can find a whole collection of nursing interview questions online.

Tip: Exercise mock interview questions with your family member or friend and attempt to set-up the environment like how a meeting could be conducted. Also, practice interview manners by stating “thank you” and other non-verbal cues (making eye contact and removing fidgeting nervous habits).

Bring copies of your resume: One of the most necessary rules to remember would be to bring a hard copy of your resume or CV. In modern times, the employer receives your resume electronically, hence they do not possess a physical copy. More than anything, it makes you look serious and professional!

Bring your nursing portfolio: In case you’re not certain about what a nursing portfolio is? You must read about what exactly it is online. This is something which they’ll look at and then return to you. To be precise, you must know that a portfolio is more thorough than a curriculum vitae and shows the company you’re a skilled nurse.

Be aware of what time you need to leave to get the interview: Be responsible and reach at your interview place beforehand. Don’t ever mess up with the timings, as it reflects a un-professional behavior. Consider all the possible setbacks, due to which you can get late and accordingly leave from your house to reach the interview place.

This is the time to leverage all what you’ve learned in your Nursing Assistant Program. All the best 🙂