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All You Must Know About Practical Nurse (PN) Program At Verve College

All You Must Know About Practical Nurse (PN) Program At Verve College

LPN Program Chicago

Verve College prepares dedicated students for a flourishing profession in a rewarding health care service through high-quality training, practical expertise, and student-centered assistance.

The Licensed Practical Nursing Program at Verve College in Oak Brook & Chicago is a diploma/certificate program which aims at preparing its registered students to be proficient in providing nursing care to the injured, sick and otherwise disabled health patients.

The Practical Nurse program at Verve College is 46 weeks of instruction time and when you add breaks, remediation, and holidays it may last approximately for 56 weeks.

The PN program at Verve College adopts a blended mixture of learning methodologies, which include:

(i) Elsevier SLS Simulation software

(ii) Nursing Laboratories at both campuse

(iii) Classroom training

(iv) Evolve Resources

(v) ATI

(vi) Placement in clinical setting

Exam preparatio

Long term care

– Online practice

– Nursing care facilities

After Completing The License Practical Nursing Program

Once the License Practical Nursing Program is completed, students must pass the ATI exit exam (comprehensive predictor exam).

What is ATI exam?

The ATI Comprehensive Predictor is an evaluation that predicts chances of you passing the NCLEX-PN exam. The ATI Comprehensive Predictor is mostly taken by students in their final semester of Licensed Practical Nursing Program.

The ATI Comprehensive Predictor Examination is made up of 180 questions however only 150 questions count towards the students’ scores. The passing percentage for the exam varies for different colleges and universities, but majority of nursing programs require that students achieve a score of 70 or even 80.

The students scoring 94% or higher in their ATI exit exam are also required to complete the ATI focused review. They must submit their transcript of the completed focused review to the student services, following which ATI Virtual Coach is activated for the students.

An ATI virtual coach will be paired with each of the LPN college student to guide them for the preparations of the NCLEX-PN exam. It’s mandatory for each of the students to complete the comprehensive ATI Virtual in order to be eligible for appearing in their NCLEX-PN exam.

Once the PN course & certification college (here, Verve college) receives the intimation of the student successfully completing the ATI virtual from ATI, the students becomes eligible for appearing in the NCLEX-PN State Licensure Exam.

The practical nurses (PNs) are trained to care for the convalescent, injured, sick, and disabled patients. They report to the head physician or registered nurse (RN).

Verve College aims at preparing skilled and professional LPNs for the healthcare industry by providing them with comprehensive classroom knowledge and advanced training. In our two campuses (Chicago and Oak Brook IL), we offer LPN program and A&P prep course that focuses on rendering vocational and educational training for the fastest growing field in the health care industry, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Note: Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a growth of 12% in the employment of LPN/LVN from 2016 to 2026; faster than average for all occupations.