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Navigating Gender Pay Gaps in Nursing: Challenges and Solutions

Navigating Gender Pay Gaps in Nursing: Challenges and Solutions

According to a new study by doximity, the gender wage gap for doctors stands at 27.7% and $100K – a huge disparity for professionals from similar medical schools who attended internships/residencies concurrently, worked long hours, and had identical technical knowledge by enrolling in accredited LPN programs (practical nursing program at United States) to gain practical experience & hands-on training.

While studies and efforts in all professions aim to reduce vocational nurse gender pay gap in nursing professionals, doctors who have done clinical practice seem particularly impacted over the last year in healthcare facilities & clinical settings. 

Gender Pay Gap in Nursing- Starting Salaries 

This issue isn’t limited to doctors. An average annual licensed nurse annual salary stands at $32.83 while starting salaries typically begin at $20; men still average an extra $5,000 over women on average in this female nurses-dominated healthcare field even after factoring in high-quality education, clinical experience, and parental status; over time, this disparity hasn’t changed much either.

Equal Pay for Equal Work is Our Aim

Equal compensation for equal work is something we strive for. Yet, none has managed to abolish altogether gender wage disparity and all forms of workplace discrimination. There have been attempts, though, to at least reduce it significantly and end all instances of workplace harassment and discrimination.

Equal Pay Act 1963

John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act of 1964 to ensure employers would not discriminate against female employees solely based on gender. Under this legislation, pay would be determined on seniority and merit alone, and women were no longer subject to lessened salaries simply due to gender.

California Fair Pay Act

This law was written by a California senator to support women against being treated unfairly because of being women in healthcare industry. According to it, no employer may pay one employee less for doing similar work as another worker – although employers still find loopholes regularly because its application can vary widely between employers. In California, women still earn 80 cents less per dollar men earn.

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Obama’s Equal Pay Rule

President Obama instituted the equal pay rule, which required companies with more than 100 employees to report wages based on race, ethnicity, and gender to combat workplace discrimination and reduce gender pay gaps. President Trump recently suspended this executive action, citing privacy issues and how well it would work as intended.

There Are Various Solutions to the Gender Pay Gap in Nursing

How can we help women reduce their annual wage disparity and achieve equal pay? The conversation surrounding this topic should continue with both companies and female workers in different ways.

Negotiate Higher Salaries With Women

Women can learn how salary negotiation in their wages effectively, which many are often afraid of doing themselves or don’t know how. We aim to reduce gender wage disparity by helping women understand the value they bring to companies and communicating this effectively in healthcare setting; many studies claim women who negotiate salaries are unappreciative or demanding; this will only further decrease wage gaps between genders.

Strengthening Equal Pay Laws

Sending letters of support or voting for officials committed to equal pay laws will clarify their importance, further helping reduce gender wage gaps as existing and proposed regulations are strengthened and amended.

Increase the Availability and Affordability of Childcare

Motherhood often makes finding a balance between work and pay difficult, so companies that improve childcare options for women have increased opportunities at work and home.

Encourage Men Into Primary Care

We can encourage men, both personally and professionally, for ensuring patient safety roles at nursing homes & clinical sites in respective fields. Employers could offer more paternity leaves or be more accommodating about working from home or taking time off for childcare, or women and men could work together – taking on greater responsibilities at home or child care can empower women to step into leadership positions within organizations, leading to equal pay across practical nurses gender gaps.

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For decades, gender pay inequality & economic discrimination has been an emotive topic. While each generation claims progress or changes have occurred, women remain invaluable contributors as public servants, businesses, and women work together to create change – and perhaps be better compensated. Best LPN school near me (nursing school with online classes) at community college with best experienced faculty is always first choice to acquire a hands-on experience with practical knowledge in nursing field to make a future career in healthcare.