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How To Have Good Communication With Fellow LPNs

How To Have Good Communication With Fellow LPNs

How To Have Good Communication With Fellow LPNs
Communication is an integral part of nursing. Whether it is talking to the doctors, physicians, patients, patient’s families, effective communication is required everywhere.

Good communication is even needed even when gelling in with fellow colleagues and LPNs. Many a time, LPNs find it hard to converse and communicate well with the co-workers. This often results in misunderstandings and confusion as well. Thus, here is a list of few tips that can help you to have good communication with your fellow LPNs.

You can even begin to practice these tips while pursuing your nursing education and Night And Weekend Lpn Programs for benefiting in the future.

Tip 1: Mannerisms and Etiquettes
Quite basic but very effective tip. Whenever you work with a co-LPN and avail his/her assistance, do not forget to say thanks with a bright smile. Acknowledging their help will go far and will last a good impression of yours. Also, whenever you demand their help, ask kindly, and do not make it sound like an order. Your kind mannerisms will give a positive opinion about you and people in return will always converse well with you.

Tip 2: Body Language
Body gestures and language hold immense importance while having communication. It says a lot about how one feels and what mood he/she is being in. Thus, before you start a conversation with someone you have never talked to before, first try reading their body language. If they seem alright, go ahead with beginning a conversation. If they seem a little disturbed and not in the right mood, avoid talking as you may seem bothersome.

Tip3: Communicate With Clarity
Having crystal clear communication can eliminate the scope of misunderstandings. Thus, while having a conversation with a fellow LPN, make sure to talk with clarity. Even when you are asking for their help or delivering a message, detail out everything clearly leaving no chance for confusion.

Tip4: Talk Politely While Conveying A Mistake
Conveying a point of criticism or a mistake committed by an LPN is pretty hard as you never know in what spirit he/she will take the criticism. Thus, always use a polite and tender tone while speaking about such topics. Convey with patience and a soft pitch so that they genuinely listen, realize, and understand their mistake.

Tip 5: Avoid Personal Topics
Not everyone likes to talk about their private and personal life, especially at the workplace. Thus, avoid having a conversation on the topics involving any mention of the personal life. It may make the other person feel uncomfortable thus avoiding it is best.

So, if you are having trouble in having a good conversation and communication with your colleagues and fellow LPNs, make the use of these tips. These are practical tips that should be always kept in mind while you try to gel in with a new workplace and while making an attempt to have a conversation with new co-workers. Hence, use these tips for having good and genuine communication.

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