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Verve College’s 100% NCLEX-PN Pass Rate (2017)

Verve College’s 100% NCLEX-PN Pass Rate (2017)

Verve College’s ample resources and qualified instructors are shown through its graduates’ first attempt NCLEX-PN pass rates. Verve College has a plethora of resources embedded in its curriculum to enhance student learning, provide additional tools to help them retain the content and be well prepared for the NCLEX-PN Licensure exam.

In 2017, Verve College had a NCLEX-PN pass rate of 100%.

Verve College prides itself on its dedication to providing high-quality instruction and resources for students to succeed. Verve College holds its reputation with the State Board of Nursing.

The Verve College PN program is robust and concept-based. It applies Maslow’s Hierarchy and follows ANA and INA guidelines. The college prides itself for its committed, dedicated, highly credentialed and very experienced faculty.

Instructors are available to mentor, guide and advise students outside of class time. Instructors at Verve College are dedicated to watch their students succeed and provide helpful guidance to each student, even after completion of our program.

Verve College graduates have provided excellent, high-quality testimonials regarding their enrollment in the Practical Nursing program. Verve College produces satisfied graduates who are ready to pursue their career as a PN or further their education in the nursing field.

Verve College’s NCLEX-PN pass rates for previous years are shown below:

2014 – 85%
2015 – 89%
2016 – 98%
2017 – 100%

2018 Quarter 1 – 91%
2018 Quarter 2 – 82%