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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid As An LPN

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid As An LPN

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid As An LPN

Mistakes are an inevitable part of every profession. No matter how much perfectly one tries to deliver, certain things are beyond control that often leads to the commitment of mistakes.

Though mistakes are generally committed unknowingly, there is a profession of nursing and medicine where mistake commitments can lead to unpleasant consequences. Nurses are trained professionals but sometimes due to burnout, exhaustion, anxiety, lack of concentration they tend to commit certain medical mistakes.

Following are such Common Mistakes along with Tips that can be used to overcome the situation:-

Mistakes With Medication

Providing the wrong dosage of medicines, or incorrect medicines to the patients is one of the common mistakes committed by nurses. You should be precautionary enough regarding this. You must make sure to crosscheck at least twice before giving medicines to the patients. Whether you pursue an LPN program or medical assistant programs, providing appropriate medication timely is the foremost thing that is taught in every nursing school, so make sure to follow the same.

Errors In Documentation

One of the most prominent tasks of an LPN is to maintain a complete record of a patient. He/She must make sure to record every necessary detail regarding patients, their tests, their dosage of medication, their diet, everything. But due to lack of concentration, sometimes nurses unintentionally forget to make an entry of the same in the records/charts. This can be avoided if an LPN works with complete attention, ensure to fill the records timely, and never postpone to update the data.

Infection Ignorance

All nurses are provided proficient training while pursuing nursing classes and LPN weekend classes as to how to handle and care about patient infections. But certain times, due to exhaustion or caught up with overwork, LPNs might tend to ignore to take precautions against the spreading of infections. In order to overcome this, a nurse must calm herself down first, concentrate on rendering nursing care then work on the cleaning and disinfection process.

Negligence Towards Dress Up

Nursing and medical professionals are bound to wear medical uniforms. These uniforms not only define their identity but are also meant for ensuring hygiene. Generally, nurses do not forget to dress up properly but sometimes unintentionally they forget to comply so. Nurses must always make sure to wear comfortable uniforms, with shoes providing a good grip along with soft-warm socks.

Ignoring Self-Health

Providing the best nursing aid and care is the central duty of an LPN. But sometimes amidst the workload, they often forget to take care of themselves. An LPN must always remember not to ignore their own health while taking care of patients. As an LPN, if you are well and healthy, then only you can take care of your patients in the best way possible.

Thus these were some of the common mistakes that nurses unknowingly and unintentionally commit. Make sure to take care of these and take necessary measures to correct these whenever required.

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