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What to Do if I Failed the TEAS Test?

What to Do if I Failed the TEAS Test?

How Many Times Am I Allowed to Retake the TEAS?

Have you long dreamt of becoming a practical nurse? After taking the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills), were you surprised when you received your results? LPN training Illinois for the practical nursing program (educational programs) at community college is also available here to help you prepare for the NCLEX.

Your TEAS score may now be getting in the way of your plans, but don’t allow an unreliable standardized test to prevent you from pursuing a rewarding and honorable profession that could save lives in a variety of settings!

Verve College faculty and staff have put together advice that may help you decide your next steps after receiving a low score on the TEAS test.

Rules to Follow When Retaking the TEAS Test

Now that you’ve first experienced what to expect when taking the TEAS exam ( nursing entrance exam), taking another try may be in order in the healthcare field. Below is what is necessary before sitting for another attempt at the exam in the nursing field.

1. It May Be Advantageous to Retake the TEAS Exam

It would be prudent to contact your prospective nursing school and determine how often you may take part in clinical settings.

Your first TEAS score may not accurately represent your practical knowledge. Learning its language and format may take time in a variety of healthcare settings.

2. Prepare and Take the TEAS Exam

According to a professional nurses from Verve College, lots of individuals think they are not required to get ready for the TEAS exam and have to show that they can take it.

Preparing for professional studies can increase your chances of passing any exam, including the TEAS test administered by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), which offers official evidence-based practice tests to assist candidates.

Practice ATI TEAS tests cover all the same subjects and formats as their real exam. Your score can be seen immediately, and you have two attempts available. Additionally, for $50 more, you can buy additional tests to improve your scores that can be accessed via your account on ATI’s site.

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Verve College’s Library and learning services provide several free options to prepare for the TEAS test, including:

Mometrix test preparation, and GED preparation books available through your local library may all offer assistance in passing the GED test. Also, prospective students can join the night and weekend nursing programs (LPN programs) to gain clinical skills and learn patient care & basic skills to become professional nurses in nursing profession.

3. Understand Your Weaknesses

The ATI TEAS test can be daunting at first. Not only must you navigate your way to and through testing clinical facilities, find storage for cell phones and personal items, and get used to its format – not all at once!

Your second try at the exam center will need you to adhere to its regulations. Still, you will be educated and understand which specific subjects and priority domains deserve priority. Apply this practical knowledge towards studying for success!

What Options Do I Have if My Efforts Remain Unsuccessful?

Even if your attempts at taking the ATI TEAS exam this year have proven ineffective, you may still achieve your desired score if you take as many clinical practice tests as possible.

Option 1: Keep Trying (At a Later Date)

You could always give the program another go next year if it fails. However, many factors could have prevented success initially. With time, however, many can be overcome in a variety of health care (basic care).

Your college plans may need to be paused while you focus on studying and getting up to speed.

Option 2: Review Plans and Programs

While passing the TEAS may be challenging, this shouldn’t be your sole major test for success in vocational nursing. If, after multiple attempts, there hasn’t been much improvement in your scores in health care settings, this is an indication that pursuing your nursing dreams is more complex than anticipated.

Vest emphasizes that the purpose of the TEAS test is not to create artificial barriers but to assess nursing students’ readiness for pursuing professional nursing degrees.

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Plan Your Next Steps

Just because you didn’t get your desired TEAS score doesn’t mean your journey has ended; with hard work and dedication, you may still improve it by opting for a practical nursing college entrance exam, with pre – requisites courses and taking other routes into health care facilities that interest you.