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How to Prepare for the TEAS Exam for LPN Programs?

How to Prepare for the TEAS Exam for LPN Programs?

How to Prepare for the TEAS Exam for LPN Programs

What is the TEAS Test?

The ATI TEAS test has four sections. Mathematics, physics, and literature are the three. It also includes English and vocabulary. The test contains 170 questions with a time limit of 209 minutes & has 20 wide range of questions that can be used for personal use only without being evaluated.

How Can I Get Ready to Take the TEAS Test?

You will need to take the ATI TEAS examination to be able to enter your preferred nursing curriculum or become a licensed practical nurse by registering for the diploma program. Becoming a licensed practical nurse or vocational nurse with hands-on training after passing the licensing exam is a critical step in your journey. These are some tips to help you prepare for the test in healthcare settings:

  1. Learn the fundamentals: In the nursing profession, it is important to learn the basics from technical schools before you can study for any test. Although you have likely been exposed to most of the material required for the TEAS exam during your traditional schooling, the fundamentals are simple to overlook. Review the basics of grammar, punctuation, and fundamental algebraic foundations like fractions.
  2. Use test preparation resources: Trying to replicate and responding questions similar to those you’ll come across on the real TEAS exam is the right approach to prepare for the day. It will help you to identify your weaknesses and prepare for the test. This method is very necessary and helps prepare for the TEAS assessment includes full-length simulations and practice tests, as well as explanations of all questions and comprehensive study manuals in the healthcare field.
  3. Make a plan for your study: Plan every week before the ATI TEAS test, so there are no surprises. Week 1: Concentrate on the math area with math principals; week 2: Science section. This study design should be based on your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you must not forget the subjects you covered at the start.

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What is the TEAS Test Score Needed for Nursing School?

While each school’s passing score may vary, the minimum passing score of 55%-70% of healthcare professionals (composite score) during academic programs in the nursing field.

The 3 ATI TEAS score aspects are the overall score, the subject score, and the sub-content subject score. Each component is assigned a score based on how you perform in each section. These scores are also employed in ATI testing for the overall score in healthcare services.

TEAS Test Tips

We have collected a few tips and tricks that test takers should be aware of to get entrance into LPN programs (state-approved training programs & practical nursing programs).

Section For Studying the ATI TEAS Exam

  1. Read: Although this tip may seem obvious, read as much material as possible before you take the test publications and research papers). Reading a lot can help you save time during the exam.
  2. Pay close consideration to the strong and italics: These indicators could be attempting to get your interest in important advice throughout the examination in the medical field.
  3. Words define its actuality.: You must treat the scripture as literal truth when addressing inquiries. If the paragraph states that the rhinoceros is tiny, you should accept it as fact and answer any relevant queries.
  4. The question before the passage: It is beneficial to examine the queries and then go through the passage. This will help you to understand the main points of the paragraph.
  5. Avoid “rational outcomes”: It is common to see questions that begin with “rational outcomes” Don’t be persuaded to assume anything about a text based only on your understanding. Any rational conclusions that you build must be established in the paragraph.

What if You Don’t Pass the TEAS Exam?

Community colleges can have different failing scores. You should consult with your instructor to find out what your bad grade is in a clinical setting. You may always retake the test to get a better grade.

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