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Impaired Skin Integrity Nursing Care Plan

Impaired Skin Integrity Nursing Care Plan

Our skin is our body’s primary defense mechanism against pathogens and illness, but cuts, abrasions, and other skin conditions may allow bacteria into our system leading to infection. Regarding nursing career, nurses who get skills from ATI nursing school (school of nursing) must treat diagnose, treat, and educate their patients regarding impaired skin integrity.

Causes for Internal Lymphedema Among Men Include:

Internal: (Related to) Unhealthy nutritional status such as obesity, dehydration, and emaciation), Edema, Circulation impairment as well as Neuropathy

External Factors: Diabetes and autoimmune disorders.,,, For instance: Hyperthermia and hypothermia, radiation chemicals extreme age physical immobilization/bedrest paralysis are all possible treatments of any kind to control or reverse symptoms related to their diseases (diabetes in particular).

Here Are a Few Effective Nursing Strategies for Mitigating Risk:

  • Cognitive Impairments
  • Moisture/secretions

Symptoms and Signs (as Shown By) Subjectively: (Patient reports)

  • Pain itching
  • Affected and the surrounding skin is numb

Objectively (Nurse Assesses)

  • Skin color changes (erythema bruising blanching).
  • Warmth on skin swelling tissue excoriation or deterioration. Expected results patient should retain intact skin and impaired tissue integrity.
  • Patients will demonstrate effective wound care practices to speed their healing and avoid complications; furthermore, they will verbalize how to prevent prolonged pressure injuries.

Nurse Assessment of Impaired Tissue Integrity form


Comprehensive Skin Assessment: To effectively prevent skin breakdown, an initial comprehensive head-to-toe assessment should be carried out upon admission, when transitioning between units, and at least once every shift. This allows healthcare staff to detect potential red flags early and take measures against the breakdown of skin barrier function.

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Braden Skin Assessment: The Braden scale is a scientifically-based tool for estimating the risk of pressure injuries in patients. Their score is calculated based on sensory perception, moisture, activity, mobility, nutrition, friction, and shear risk factors; with lower scores increasing tissue damage risk. The nursing team that acquires a diploma from the best nursing schools in Illinois (college of Nursing for nursing programs) should complete a Braden Skin Assessment on every new admission or every shift at certain facilities.

Assess Skin Texture, Sensation, and Circulation: Tissue damage increases when poor turgor (due to nerve damage), decreased sensations (also due to nerve damage), and poor circulation are combined together. Blood circulation issues can be measured through palpation at pulse points as well as observation for purplish/ruddy colorations on lower legs as an indicator.

Risk for Impaired Skin Integrity Nursing Care Plan

Nursing Intervention:

Follow instructions and guidelines wound care can vary depending on its size, location, and type. Inadequate chronic wound care may delay healing time and increase signs of infection; following all instructions and guidelines properly can ensure adequate wound healing results and reduce the risk of infection.

Continuous assessment of skin and injuries: At-risk areas should be observed at least once every shift, and wounds noted must be observed and measured to monitor dressing integrity and ensure no worsening of skin breakdown. At least once weekly, wound measurements should be recorded in order to gauge progress.

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Inform people of diabetic nerve or skin damage and the importance of regular healthy skin checks: Uncontrolled blood glucose can lead to diabetic neuropathy, typically found in the legs and feet. This condition causes symptoms such as numbness, burning sensations, and reduced sensation. If patients can no longer detect normal pressure or pain they risk having their skin integrity compromised.