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LPN Programs in Union, IL – 60180 | Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

LPN Programs in Union, IL – 60180 | Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

LPN Programs in Union, IL - 60180 Nursing School Nursing Training Illinois

Verve College is an Illinois-based certified Licensed Practical Nursing School. We began our school in the year 1997 and since then we have been providing practical nursing training to our students.

We are one of the most renowned nursing colleges in the state of Illinois and have our institutions located in both Chicago and Oak Brook. We are a diverse team of professionals with a sole focus in mind to train and teach our students the best practical nursing education possible.

We have been serving in the nursing education industry for quite a couple of years and have composed such a course pattern that helps a student learn and acquire everything about nursing from the basic medical jargon to the intricate concepts.

Since we follow a realistic approach to teaching, our students find it very simple to learn the difficult concepts of practical nursing. We train our students in everything i.e. from the basic nursing tasks to how a human body functions to how and what medicine must be provided, we teach them all.

A practical nurse has some distinct tasks which he/she is supposed to take care of. Those tasks include:-

  • Taking vital signs of patients

  • Monitoring a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate

  • Bathing and dressing up patients

  • Feeding and taking care of timely medication intake

  • Monitoring food intake

  • Inserting catheters

  • Providing necessary injections and medications

  • Wound and injury dressing

  • Maintaining medical records of patients

  • Administering the regular check-ups of patients

  • Adhering to every instruction provided by the senior doctors or registered nurses

Apart from teaching them how to ace all the above-mentioned primary tasks, our proficient team of instructors uses the practical approach and real examples to illustrate all the medical and nursing topics and terminologies. With our state-of-the-art classrooms and in-house practical nursing laboratories, we help our students learn through examples.

Along with the teaching part, we also offer our students the essential guide on how to prep up well for the nursing licensure examination i.e. the NCLEX-PN exam. We make them undergo multiple sample tests, give them examination tips, and guide them as to how they can pass the NCLEX-PN examination in the first go. Due to these efforts, Verve College has have had a splendid record in this exam in the past many years.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to enlisting in a nursing school providing accredited LPN programs, consider registering at Verve College. End your quest for the best lpn school near me and join our LPN courses now.

With our single motto to make our students get the best nursing education, we strive for attaining greatness. Thus, if you have a keen interest and the noble will to serve the people needing a medical need, make your dream fulfilled by signing up for our LPN programs.

Join Verve College and get set to commence a flourishing nursing career journey.

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