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Are Evening And Weekend Nursing Programs Worth To Join?

Are Evening And Weekend Nursing Programs Worth To Join?

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Are you planning to join evening and weekend classes to complete your nursing education? Well, this will prove to be the best way to accomplish other prior work while finding a flexible schedule to study. Do you know that around 33% of students opt for evening classes, 12% of students opt for weekend classes? According to the study of the National Center For Education Statistics, approx 63% of students prefer to join their class either in the evening or on the weekend. Many nursing schools understand this trend and preferences from students and offer evening and weekend nursing programs.

Do evening or weekend classes fit your schedule effectively? There are several benefits of taking evening and weekend classes, which include but not limited to lower cost, a flexible schedule, more comfort and convenience. If you are also seeking a flexible schedule and ease learning, then you can get enrolled in a nursing school that offers the best evening and weekend nursing classes. Now, the most common question anticipated among nursing students is that- Are evening and weekend nursing programs worth to join? Well, here are certain benefits of joining evening and weekend nursing classes-


  1. Enough Time to Study:Joining evening or weekend classes help you to find enough time to study during the day time. They are also beneficial for those who already have a job but seek for evening classes to build their career in the nursing field. 
  2. Made For Night Owls:If you are not a morning person and do study better in the evening, then joining evening classes is a great option for you. In addition, evening classes are comparatively smaller in size, joining them will help you get more attention from the teaching staff while getting the same quality instruction as they offer in day classes. 
  3. More Time To Spend With Family:

One of the most important benefits of joining evening and weekend nursing programs is that you can find more time for your family especially when you are the primary caregiver to your parents or children.

Now, if you are looking for the best night and weekend LPN programs Chicago, IL, then verve College is the right option for you. This is the most trusted and accredited nursing school in Chicago which is preparing the student to become successful licensed practical nurses. The school offers two interactive nursing programs such as A&P Prep Course and the PN program. You can attend evening or weekend classes for any of the offered programs.

We, at Verve College, are dedicated to delivering the best-in-class nursing education to students who want to build their career in nursing and serve patients by becoming an LPN. You can get enrolled in the college and join our evening and weekend programs. Read more at

So, are you ready to join evening and LPN weekend classes in Chicago? Well, Verve College will meet all your expectations in terms of quality classes, flexibility, learning and excellence.

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