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LPN Programs in Maple Park, IL – 60151 | Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

LPN Programs in Maple Park, IL – 60151 | Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

LPN Programs in Maple Park, IL - 60151 Nursing School Nursing Training Illinois

Are you looking forward to enlisting in practical nursing courses in the state of Illinois? Hunting for a nursing academy offering accredited LPN Programs? If yes, consider joining Verve College. We are an authorized practical nursing school based in Chicago and Oak Brook. We have our nursing institutions located at both of these locations.

We began our nursing school in the year 1997 and since then have been serving in the noble field of nursing education. We provide accredited LPN programs along with weekend nursing programs and anatomy and physiology classes as well. We have a crew of proficient and qualified faculty who have been teaching subjects of nursing and human anatomy for years now.

We truly understand the fact that nursing education is vast and intricate, hence to make it a little easier for our students, we have categorized our entire LPN Courses into several modules. These modules are drafted in such a way so that every concept of the syllabus gets covered without burdening the study load of our students.

Our modules are built in the following manner covering topics like:-

  • History/ Legal, Scope of Practical & Delegation

  • Asepsis & Infection Control/Nutrition, Elimination & Hygiene

  • Physical Assessment/ Vitals 

  • Nursing Process, Critical Thinking

  • Medical Calculation (Pharmacology) 

  • Admissions, Transfer, Discharge/ Documentation

  • Safety & Body Mechanics/ Patient Mobility 

  • Life Span Development/ Culture / Pain / Loss, Death

  • Wound Care, Specimen Collections, Fluid & Electrolytes, Intravenous/Perioperative Care

  • Neurology

  • Mental Health 

  • Gastrointestinal & Liver

  • Blood, Lymph, Cardio & Peripheral Vascular Disease

  • Respiratory

  • Musculoskeletal 

  • Genitourinary

  • Endocrine

  • Reproductive, Visual, and Auditory

  • Immune & Oncology

  • Antepartum, Postpartum, Newborn

  • Pediatrics

  • Community, Older Adult, Palliative Care, Human Immune Deficiency Virus

Apart from this, we even have A&P Class that helps our trainees to learn about human anatomy and physiology. Through our anatomy sessions, we make our students learn about how the human body functions. Topics covered in these sessions include:-

  • Organization of the Body

  • The Chemical Basis of Life

  • Anatomy of Cells

  • Physiology of Cells

  • Tissues

  • Skin and its Appendages

  • Skeletal Tissues

  • Skeletal System

  • Articulations

  • Anatomy of the Muscular System

  • Physiology of the Muscular System

  • Nervous System Cells

  • Central Nervous System

  • Peripheral Nervous System

  • Sense Organs

  • Endocrine System

  • Blood

  • Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System

  • Physiology of the Cardiovascular System

  • Lymphatic System

  • Immune System

  • Stress

  • Anatomy of the Respiratory System

  • Physiology of the Respiratory System

  • Anatomy of the Digestive System

  • Physiology of the Digestive System

  • Nutrition and Metabolism

  • The Urinary System

  • Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

  • Acid-Base Balance

  • Male Reproductive System

  • Female Reproductive System

  • Growth and Development

  • Genetics and Heredity Mini-Atlas of Human Anatomy Appendixes

Apart from this, we also assist our nursing aspirants to learn the fundamental nursing tasks like taking vital signs of patients, giving them injections and medicines, wound dressing, bathing and dressing, feeding and keeping a track of food intake, taking samples for medical tests, inserting catheters, administering and maintaining medical records of patients, etc.

Hence, if you want to obtain the best nursing skills and aim to earn quality nursing education, contact us soon, and enroll in our LPN classes now.

We strive for excellence and hence will provide all our educational efforts to make your aspiration of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse true.