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LPN Programs in Kinsman, IL – 60437| Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

LPN Programs in Kinsman, IL – 60437| Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

For centuries, Nurses are called angels of mercy. While they are called angels, they are also the heroes, the warriors who are sacrificing their comfort to care for and save others. And with the rise of this COVID pandemic, this statement has proved. During the lockdown, while everyone is isolated at their home, doctors and nurses have taken the charge to save this world from this devastating disease.

Do you also dream to be such real-life superheroes? Do you wonder to become a successful LPN? If so, you’ll need to pursue a practical nursing course to become a member of this profession. If you have decided to constitute a career in nursing, we recommend you to register for LPN courses offered at Verve College.

Verve College is a licensed practical nurse school approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Based in Illinois, we offer a wide range of accredited LPN programs like LPN Programs, night and weekend LPN programs, weekend LPN programs, etc.

To inspire local students to make a difference in the nursing community and elevate their careers, we have located our nursing institution campus in two areas Chicago and Oak Brook.

To develop your nursing skills we offer a 12-14 month certificate/diploma program that prepares you to provide nursing care for the sick, injured and otherwise disabled health patients. Our nursing program is a blend of several learning approaches including classroom instruction, laboratory simulations, externships in clinical settings, online practices, and exam preparation.

With our well-drafted LPN Programs, we ensure to cover every aspect of nursing along with every subject. Some of the silent modules of our nursing program comprise the following –

History/ Legal, Scope of Practical & Delegation

Asepsis & Infection Control/Nutrition, Elimination & Hygiene

Physical Assessment/ Vitals

Nursing Process, Critical Thinking

Medical Calculation (Pharmacology)

Admissions, Transfer, Discharge/ Documentation

Safety & Body Mechanics/ Patient Mobility

Life Span Development/ Culture / Pain / Loss, Death

Wound Care, Specimen Collections, Fluid & Electrolytes, Intravenous/Perioperative Care


Mental Health

Gastrointestinal & Liver

Blood, Lymph, Cardio & Peripheral Vascular Disease





Reproductive, Visual, and Auditory

Immune & Oncology

Antepartum, Postpartum, Newborn


Community, Older Adult, Palliative Care, Human Immune Deficiency Virus

Along with this module, we also make our students pro in primary nursing duties including –

Taking vital signs of patients

Monitoring a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate

Maintaining medical records of patients

Providing necessary injections and medications

Administering the regular check-ups of patients

Bathing and dressing up patients

Wound and injury dressing

Monitoring food intake and timely medication intake

Inserting catheters

Adhering to every instruction provided by the senior doctors or registered nurses

Apart from these regular studies, we also conduct several events and workshops to let our students discover the nature of practical nursing.

So if you are interested to dive into this field and seeking a licensed practical nursing program in Kinsman, consider registering for LPN nursing programs at Verve College. With our practical nursing courses and training perks, you can strengthen your roots to achieve success in the nursing and healthcare field.