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LPN Nursing Programs: What Employers Look For in Graduates?

LPN Nursing Programs: What Employers Look For in Graduates?

LPN Nursing Programs What Employers Look for in Graduates

LPNs (licensed practical nurses) are an important part of the healthcare workforce. LPNs are required to work in many different settings and perform many duties in order to succeed in the medical field. Employers look for candidates from LPN nursing programs with certain skills and qualifications, as you can see. While there may be situations where certain employers or job environments require specific qualifications, there are core education, qualification, and skill checks that you need to know before starting your LPN career. Verve College provides students with information on the skills and education required to be an LPN.

Employers Look For LPN Education

You will require a successful completion of school and pass the NCLEX entrance exam to become an LPN in the healthcare industry. Core subjects like fundamentals, mental and obstetrics, as well as medical surgical nursing, will be covered. You will learn both theory and practice in your coursework. This will give you a solid understanding of the job and how to accomplish it in your career path.

The NCLEX-PN exam is the next step in the process of becoming licensed. Verve College offers Licensed practical nursing programs that will prepare you to pass the exam and become licensed. This will allow you to start a successful career as an LPN.

Desirable LPN Skills

Once you are licensed as an LPN, there are many skills you will need during your interview. Here are some of the most important skills employers seek in LPN candidates:


LPNs in a healthcare facility must communicate well with doctors, nurses, and other staff in order to provide proper care to patients. LPNs must be able to communicate with patients and their families and offer support in stressful or emotional situations.

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LPNs in the healthcare field might find themselves in critical situations that require fast and accurate decision-making skills. LPNs with hands-on experience must be detail-oriented and possess strong critical thinking skills in order to make the best possible decisions for patients.


Computers are used for a lot of data, documentation, reporting, and other tasks in nursing. An LPN can use healthcare software to compile data and keep detailed reports about the patient’s health.


To be a good LPN professional, one must understand the symptoms, vital signs, and how to administer medications while providing care for patients.


LPNs are expected to be able to supervise the patient care provided and provide clear and accurate directions to create an effective care environment in a variety of settings. It is important to be able and willing to work with others.


Flexibility is essential for LPNs. Many nurses with hands-on training don’t work on a fixed schedule. The hours and days that nurses work can vary from month to month. Flexibility could be the thing that sets you apart from others in a healthcare setting.

Positive Attitude

It’s no secret that hospitals, doctor offices, nursing homes, clinics, and other care centers can be difficult places to work. These places are filled with frail, depressed, and sick patients. As a licensed practical nurse, it is physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing.

LPNS as care providers must maintain a positive outlook at all times. A positive attitude and positive outlook will help you build a rewarding career in the nursing field.

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Nursing employers want more than just academic qualifications, clinical training, and relevant experience in the field of healthcare. Employers are seeking high-quality, compassionate human beings who can inspire others and give genuine care to those in greatest need in practical healthcare settings.

Don’t think that a well-written resume with a background from a practical nurse school will guarantee you a job offer. You will have a better chance of building the career as a nursing healthcare provider you want if you focus on the qualities mentioned above. Verve College offers the medical knowledge and training you need to be a successful LPN. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help develop your skills and prepare for your LPN career.