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What are the Requirements for the Illinois NCLEX Exam?

What are the Requirements for the Illinois NCLEX Exam?

Illinois nurses tend to work in urban areas. However, some also practice in rural areas. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Illinois has 20.340 licensed practical nurses (LPNs). Illinois also has 61.140 certified nursing assistants. Only 200 certified nurse-midwives are APRNs in Illinois. The pay is average compared to other states, except for certified registered nurse anesthetists. The work settings vary from large universities to small rural hospitals, clinical sites, doctors’ offices, clinical settings, and even nursing home care.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation issues licenses to LPNs. The Illinois Department of Public Health certifies CNAs and maintains a CNA registry. Illinois did not have a nursing compact status as of April 2019. However, legislation was pending for the state to achieve this status. Nursing close states permit vocational nurses licensed in one state to clinical practice in another. Nurses in non-compact states must pass an exam or undergo a screening to get a second nursing license.

Initial Licensure in Illinois

The requirements for licensure in Illinois vary depending on the level of nursing practice. Candidates in all categories must undergo background checks and fingerprinting to be licensed in Illinois.

CNA Registration

CNAs are required to complete a nursing assistant program (nursing program) approved by Illinois. This accredited program must include at least 80 hours in theory and 40 hours of practical experience. The program should consist of at least 12 training hours on dementia, including Alzheimer’s. The total training time can range from 3 weeks to 120 days.

LPN License

LPNs must complete accredited LPN programs in Chicago approved in Illinois before they can become a licensed practical nurse. After passing the NCLEX PN, the candidate must submit fingerprints and undergo a background check. The NCLEX must be passed within three years after graduation. Testing and licensing fees are required. Candidates who pass the test can work as “license pending” practical nursing candidates.

Alternative Routes for Licensure

The certification of a medical assistant is also available to military personnel who have been trained as hospital corpsmen or medical services specialists. The applicant must provide copies of certificates, DD 214s, or transcripts showing the training hours.

In Illinois, paramedics can only become LPNs or CNAs if they have met the basic educational requirements.

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Nursing students can apply for CNA certification if they have completed prerequisite courses such as Fundamentals of Nursing and Nursing 101 and at least 40 clinical hours. An official from the licensed practical nursing schools (vocational schools) must verify their clinical experience and coursework.

LPNs with foreign education can become CNAs in Illinois. The applicant must provide a translated English version of the diploma and technical school transcripts showing hours of training. Work authorization is required if the applicant is not a US citizen.

The LPN Application Process & NCLEX PN

A candidate can apply for the NCLEX PN exam (licensing exam)and obtain a professional license after completing the accredited LPN programs (diploma program). The candidate must be fingerprinted and undergo a background investigation. The fingerprinting can begin in advance, but fingerprints must be taken within 60 calendar days after the application.

Continental Testing Services Inc. is the outside organization that will receive your application materials.

A prospective LPN must also register for the NCLEX PN exam. There is a candidate bulletin available on the NCSBN site ( The cost of testing is $200. Before scheduling an examination, they must wait until they receive the authorization to test. The exams are computer-adaptive and offered continuously.

It may take a while for the licensing process to be completed. After passing the practical nursing exam, applicants can expect a letter stating they can start working under direct supervision in the healthcare field.

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If necessary, the exam can be retaken. The LPN must pass the exam and meet all licensing requirements within three years after the initial application.