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LPN Programs in Lemont, IL – 60439 | Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

LPN Programs in Lemont, IL – 60439 | Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

In the current scenario when the COVID pandemic has created the employment crisis, the healthcare industries have come up as a great savior to thousands of unemployed people. As there are thousands of COVID cases that are coming every day, hospitals and clinics need a lot of healthcare workers to take care of infected people, which creates employment opportunities for nurses. People interested to build their careers in the healthcare industry can grab this opportunity by pursuing LPN programs.

What are LPN Programs?

LPN program is a simple training program to become a licensed practical nurse. Students who wish to build their career as a nurse can enroll in one of the LPN schools where there can enroll in various LPN classes.

Are you looking for nursing intuitions that offer licensed practical nursing programs in Lemont, IL? If yes, consider enrolling in Verve College.

Verve College is a licensed practical nurse program in our schools in two locations Chicago and Oak Brook. We are licensed nursing institutions holding a plethora of accreditations from medical, nursing to educational boards.

We offer various licensed practical nurse programs including day, evening, and weekend programs. All of our programs are divided into several modules making it simple for you to learn and understand every topic clearly.

Though we offer different LPN programs, we typically cover everything that any Licensed Practical Nurse should know. Our nursing schedules include classes such as – fundamentals of nursing, pharmacology, nutrition, human anatomy and physiology, and a lot more.

At Verve College, our Practical Nurse (PN) program/courses run for about a year. Our training program provides both basic-level theoretical knowledge as well as clinical skills that are necessary to perform nursing-related tasks. During the period our students learn about nursing care for the sick, injured, and otherwise disabled health patients.

While in the era of digitization where everything is being online, we simply take classes at our offline LPN schools. This is because of the nature of LPN training. There are lots of hands-on practices that will be needed to prepare for the real things. Our offline training program will prepare the students to provide nursing and nursing-related services to individuals, patients, clients, or families across the lifespan in varied settings.

To enroll for our offline LPN school training, you are required to have a transcript with Graduation date, Illinois State Certified Nurse Assistant license, College transcripts for Anatomy and Physiology minimum of 8-9 credit hours with a grade of C or higher and pass the ATI TEAS Entrance Exam with a score of 45% or higher.

The successful completing of our licensed practical nursing programs will make you eligible to take (National Council Licensure Examination) NCLEX-PN examination.

Pursuing LPN will not just make you an expert in the field of nursing but will also step up your working position and wages. Therefore, if you aspire to pursue an LPN course, prefer to enlist at Verve College. For additional information, visit –