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Navigating Nursing School While Working Full Time: Maintaining Your Sanity

Navigating Nursing School While Working Full Time: Maintaining Your Sanity

It is challenging to attend practical nursing schools and work full-time, whether you’re a healthcare professional wanting to further your nursing education or in another career but want to enter the healthcare industry. While you are working full-time, you will have to do a work life balance in your normal job workload with attending classes. Learning requires patience and diligence. Achieving this may take long hours, but it will be worth it. To work while attending nursing school, you must manage & learn work-life balance in nursing.

Work-Life Balance is Essential for Nursing Students

The LPN schools require long hours for studying and for doing any clinical work. Balancing between school and nursing jobs can be challenging. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to protect vital signs & your mental and physical health as you manage these two demanding responsibilities. You will burn out and experience extreme stress if you do not learn to balance your everyday professional life, which is separate from school and work.

What does it look like for a nursing student? This will depend on several factors, such as your work, family, and whether you’re a part-time or full-time student. You can still achieve the work life balance in nursing that you desire despite these factors in healthcare facilities.

Nursing School and a Job: How to Work While in Nursing School – Essential Tips

You can balance & learn how to work while in nursing school, even though it is difficult. It is vital to have a strategy in place before you commence. To stay focused at work and school, these tips, from organizing to enlisting others’ support, will help you.

Stay Organized

It is challenging to work life balance in nursing curriculum demands of a full-time career and school. You will be overwhelmed if you have to take care of your family. You can do it, but you’ll need to be very organized. Make healthcare organization your way of life, from managing your schedule to maintaining calm in your home.

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Prioritize Your To-do List

You will have to set priorities. Set some priorities. You can make decisions based on your list of tasks.

  • Plan ahead
  • Plan for those things you know are coming each week. If you know of a significant exam, plan fewer hours the day before or avoid having two 12-hour days back to back if possible. You can prepare for a family event by doing your schoolwork.

Online Classes

You can often work at your pace in online classes from the comfort of your home or office. Some accelerated nursing programs can be completed online, except for clinical hours in long-term care facilities. Use online courses to make your degree flexible. They allow you to fit your studies around your job schedule.

Ask for Help

Ask for help when you need it. Asking for help can make people realize you need it. If you need assistance with an assignment, let your professor know. Use teams of student services to help you with your student’s personal life. Tell your employer if you require some flexibility with your schedule. Tell your family if you need more assistance at home.

Don’t neglect mental health.

It is mentally exhausting to work full-time and go to school full-time. Prioritize your mental health. Make time for:

  • Keep your body active.
  • Stress should be expressed to someone safe.
  • Calm down and exhale some deep breaths.
  • Sleep.
  • Speak to your doctor for professional assistance if you need it.

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