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Many individuals these days are aspiring to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. Their aspiration is really brave as being in a noble profession like a Licensed Practical Nurse is really courageous. It is so because this profession demands a huge commitment.
Dedicating your life in helping and taking care of the patients is truly praise-worthy.

So if you are thinking to venture into this profession and joining a nursing program, you must take note of the necessary qualities required for being a successful Licensed Practical Nurse. This is so because being in the shoes of a Licensed Practical Nurse is not a piece of cake.

Following are some essential characteristics and qualities required in an LPN:-

One of the most important qualities required in a Licensed Practical Nurse is having patience. This profession demands huge patience as you will be always surrounded by such people who are in need of care.
Working in hospitals, doing long shifts, and constantly surrounded by patients may sometimes be stressful. Thus in order to deal with such taxing situations, an LPN must learn the skill of being calm, gentle and patient every point of time.

Social Skill
Being social and having good interpersonal skills, is a must-have for an LPN.
They act as a common thread between the doctor and the patient. It is the LPN who communicates with the patient and his/her family when the doctors are not around. Thus they should have a polite conversational tone and must have the ability to make a patient and his family feel safe and emotionally-lightened.

Kind, Considerate and Compassionate
A Licensed Practical Nurse can only work successfully when he/she is completely enthusiastic and compassionate towards their profession.
An LPN should be kind and considerate and should never back off while taking care of the patients.
An individual who wants to make an entry in this field must make sure that he/she possesses these qualities.

Cooperative and Fully Committed
Being a Licensed Practical Nurse is not an easy job. There may come some situations which may demand an LPN to work multiple shifts for numerous days. This may happen due to various reasons like an increase in the number of patients, shortage of doctors and nurses, sudden calamities, etc.
Thus an individual who is ready to commit for all such situations and can cooperate no matter what, should not give a second thought before joining this noble profession.

In the profession of a Licensed Practical Nurse, flexibility is what matters the most. One must be flexible enough to work in various departments and multiple shifts.
For example, one month you might be allotted to work in the emergency department and after some months you might be asked to work in the pediatric department. Thus, an LPN should be well-skilled and flexible towards such scenarios of this job.

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, it is a must for you to have the ability to think fast and have a problem-solving capability.
Since the medical profession is full of unexpected situations, an LPN must have the ability to act fast in emergency situations and help out the doctors by lending the best possible help.

Thus if you are someone, who wants to enter this profession, you must first go through these qualities and venture out into this rewarding profession of nursing.

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