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5 Career Opportunities For A Licensed Practical Nurse

5 Career Opportunities For A Licensed Practical Nurse

As an LPN, you can select from a variety of job settings. Whether you’re searching for a fast-paced, slow-paced, or specialized area of medicine, numerous options are available to meet your professional objectives and personal tastes. You might get an idea of potential locations for LPNs from this list.

5 LPN Job Options For Career

You can contrast five in-demand LPN positions on the list below. Consider the primary duties, and the necessary qualifications you get from LPN weekend classes.

1. Medical Writer

Average Salary: $69,000

Primary responsibilities: Medical writers draft and edit articles on medicine and healthcare for academic journals, textbooks, and websites. They might also be asked to produce articles for government organizations outlining public health policies, standards, and recommendations. They are typically in charge of gathering information, collaborating with editors, and performing research.

2. Nurse Educator

Average Salary: $78,092 Annually

The nurse educator’s main responsibilities include imparting fundamental nursing knowledge to students in a learning environment. Most of their responsibilities involve classroom instruction, test-taking, writing assignments, and supporting clinical practice in a healthcare environment. Nursing educators write lesson plans, who also set learning objectives, provide students feedback, and evaluate their performance.

3. Nurse Manager

Average Salary: $84,474 Annually

The nurse manager’s main responsibilities include managing a group of nurses and developing plans to enhance hospital operations. They might work in healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, private offices, rehabilitation institutions, etc. In addition to managing budgets, reacting to patient feedback, putting safety and high-quality care policies into place.

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4. Mental Health Nurse

Average Salary: $48,159/year

LPNs can work in mental health facilities without further training or license. Because it is a specialty, many LPNs have chosen to work as mental health nurses. One of the most distinctive aspects is that many facilities fall under one general category. This means you can work in private psychiatrist’s offices and mental units in hospitals. 

Responsibilities: Taking vitals, giving medications, documentation 

Skills: Understanding psychological factors, assisting nurses.

5. LPN To An Insurance Company

 Average Salary: $51,940/year

LPNs with a profession in insurance have a wide range of options. Nurse who works for an insurance business has the flexibility to work from home and is largely responsible for documentation. You will evaluate patients’ health and assist in creating & implementing insurance procedures and policies as a nurse. 

Responsibilities: Helping with processing claims and conducting telephone interviews.

Skills Data entry and administrative skills.

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Final Thoughts

There are numerous LPN courses for nursing positions. LPNs can make a significant difference in patients’ lives, regardless of their circumstances. LPNs can help patients on both their most difficult days and the everyday. If you want to make a career in nursing, join Verve College. Verve College is one of the best nursing college in Chicago offering licensed practical nursing courses that trains nursing aspirants both theoretically and practically, making them job ready just after completion of the course.