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5 Ways To Improve Your Nursing Communication Skills

5 Ways To Improve Your Nursing Communication Skills

Communication is an integral component of the profession of nursing. Without perfect communication skills, it would be quite tedious for an LPN to conduct work and perform duties.

As an LPN you will be required to engage in several kinds of communication including:-

  • Communication with managers, administrators, and staff
  • LPN to LPN communication
  • LPN to Patient communication
  • LPN to Medical Staff/Physician communication
  • LPN to Patient’s Family communication, etc.


In order to fulfill the same in the best way possible, you can adopt the following ways that may help you in enhancing and maintaining good communication.

1) Listen Prominently

The first and foremost important way of improving communication begins with prominent Listening. You should always listen carefully to what a colleague or a patient is saying. You should always conduct an alert and responsive posture while communicating with others.

Let them know that you are listening attentively and then answer them respectively.

2) Adjust To Your Audience

Every person an LPN interacts with, discuss different topics and situations.

A patient and his/her family generally converse about the health and condition of the patient. On the other hand, physicians and medical team members talk about the health progress report and the prevailing health condition of a patient. An LPN needs to carefully adjust according to the kind of audience he/she is communicating with. He/she must talk in simpler terms with patients and can make use of medical jargon while communicating with the medical staff.

3) Ensure Proper LPN to LPN Communication While Patient Handoffs

During shift changes and patient handoffs, you must diligently and accurately update the other LPN about the current health scenario of a patient. Make the other LPN familiar with the patient’s situation, background, assessment and let him/her know if you have any recommendations.

Guide them properly with the stage of illness, patient summary, and all other information that might be necessary.

4) Dodge Interruptions

It is important to avoid interruptions while ensuring good communication with others. You must not interrupt and cut off when someone is speaking. Listen to him first completely and once he is done, respond accordingly. Do not cut off as it signals impatience and unprofessionalism. It is a part of active listening and must always be kept in mind.

5) Maintain Positive Attitude & Keep Your Emotions in Check

Throughout your whole career of nursing, you will come across several kinds of situations and conversations. Some might upset you and some may trigger anger. To deal with such situations, you will need to learn to maintain your calm and tackle everything positively.

No matter what always ensure courteous and professional behavior while communicating with others.

Apart from all of these ways of communication improvement, you should also keep a check on the following:-

  • Ensure proper eye-contact
  • Maintain good tone while speaking
  • Consider all the complaints and concerns thoughtfully
  • Always keep your word and do not break trust
  • Handle every patient with dignity
  • Smile often
  • Show care and compassion


So if you are an LPN, you must always make sure to incorporate these tactics in improving your communication skills. Also, if you are an LPN student, you must start practicing these ways now as these will surely help and benefit you ahead in the long run.

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