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Understanding Changes to the NCLEX: Will It Be More Challenging?

Understanding Changes to the NCLEX: Will It Be More Challenging?

Did you know that the NCLEX will be updated in 2024? The nursing industry has undergone recent changes, which have led to the Next Generation NCLEX. This is a new and improved version of NCLEX PN (Practical Nurse). Let’s understand why the NCLEX is changing.

Why is the NCLEX Changing?

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) developed the Next Generation NCLEX. The NCSBN updates the NCLEX three times a year based on an analysis of what entry-level nurses need to know to be competent in practical nursing. The NCSBN surveyed nursing knowledge in 2017. It found that nurses or healthcare teams today must be able to effectively care for patients with severe illnesses while also making complex clinical decisions and navigating a constantly expanding scope of practice in long-term care facilities. Students can enroll in private LPN schools near me to learn how to make clinical decisions and acquire critical thinking skills. The need for a different model and new ways to evaluate critical judgment led to the creation of the NGN test, which was launched on April 1, 2023.

What Will the Next Generation NCLEX Look Like?

The NGN exam will cover new concepts not included in the previous version of the test. These concepts are based on the NCSBN clinical judgment measurement model and focus on patient safety. Along with these additional features, the NGN will have a matrix/grids, enhanced numerous response items, and a component score system.

The use of computer adaptive testing is a crucial feature of this exam. The exam uses computer-adaptive testing technology, which allows questions to be presented at varying difficulty levels based on the student’s past responses. The test adapts to a test-taker’s skill level. This allows for a more accurate assessment of a student’s understanding of nursing concepts.

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Will the New NCLEX Be Harder?

Nursing students often ask if the Next Gen NCLEX exam is more effortless than the old NCLEX. The short answer to this question is that the Next Gen Exam is not more accessible. The NGN is a more advanced version of the predecessor. It has new item types and a scoring system that measures test takers’ clinical judgment skills. The licensing exam’s content is still as tricky as ever, even though you can receive partial credit. Next Generation NCLEX Test Prep and familiarizing yourself with NGN item types are essential in health care settings.

How Can Nursing Students Prepare for the Next Generation of NCLEX?

Students may be wondering where to find resources for preparing for the licensure exam. The NCSBN offers online resources, including sample test items and an updated NCLEX Tutorial. These are current for the things appearing on April 1, 2023. Students will find it most accessible to obtain the information they need about the new NGN items using these resources.

How Does Verve College Prepare Students for Success on the Next Generation NCLEX PN Exam?

The faculty at Verve College have been working to prepare nurse learners for the new NCLEX test by integrating interactive learning methods that encourage the development of clinical judgment into the classroom. The faculty of nursing schools near me prepares students for NGN as early as possible in their clinical nursing education by teaching them the foundational concepts that help them better understand the NGN content in clinical settings. The nursing process is one of the significant foundational concepts. The nursing process gives students a structure that helps them develop their clinical decision-making abilities.

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