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What Medical Tools Should An LPN Always Carry

What Medical Tools Should An LPN Always Carry

What Medical Tools Should An LPN Always Carry

We all are familiar with the fact that LPNs are one of the most hard-working professionals in the world of healthcare. From working all round the clock, handling administration, treating patients, they are constantly on their toes.

They are proficient nurses who excel in their medical duties and fulfill their responsibilities with ease that they are taught to carry while pursuing their LPN courses.

Apart from being taught about their work in LPN Classes, they are also taught about how to and when to use various medical equipment.

Let us see what tools they use and must always carry:-


One of the most important medical tools in the profession of nursing is a stethoscope. For measuring and analyzing the heart rate, vein, the functioning of the intestine, etc. a stethoscope is required. An LPN must always carry it as it is one of the most frequently required tools both in routine and emergency conditions.

Scissors and Medical Tape

Scissors and medical tapes are other important tools that an LPN must always carry with him/her. For every wound care and injury, keeping scissors and tapes handy, can prove to be of great help. LPNs should always keep these ready as they can be needed at any time.


Keeping a check on the body temperature of patients is an important med-duty of an LPN. For doing so, and keeping a track of patient’s temperature which is an important indicator, an LPN must always keep a thermometer.

Hand Sanitizer

Maintaining hygiene and staying away from contagious elements is one of the prominent duties of an LPN. For doing so, an LPN must carry a bottle of hand sanitizer all round the clock in the pocket.

A Watch with a Second Hand

Giving timely medications and time-based treatment is one significant factor in medicine. A watch with a second hand can help an LPN to check vital signs, provide timely medicines, giving injections, etc.

Tongue depressor

A tongue depressor is used for analyzing the status of a patient who is suffering from any oral infection. For examining mouth and throat, an LPN must carry and use a thin, flat, and wooden-based tongue depressor for lowering a patient’s tongue. It should always be kept handy having easy access.

Nursing Clipboard

A nursing clipboard equipped with a calendar, a calculator, record charts, a timer, etc., can be of immense use for LPNs for handling various tasks. It can prove to be of great assistance for maintaining some notes, some messages, some patient records, etc.

Pen Light

Another important tool for an LPN is a penlight. With the help of this tool, an LPN can assess and examine a patient’s eyes, throat, wound, tongue, etc. with more clarity and ease.

Mask & Gloves

Masks and gloves are a crucial part of the protective gear. An LPN must always secure her face and hands with these while going near to a patient suffering from any contagious ailment. And even if a patient is not experiencing any communicable disease, wearing such protective gear is safe for both the patient and the LPN.

So, if you are an LPN or an LPN student, make yourself familiar with all these medical tools as you will spend a huge part of your nursing life with these.

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