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What Career Paths Can You Choose as a Licensed Practical Nurse

What Career Paths Can You Choose as a Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed Practical Nursing is one of the most versatile jobs in the sector of medicine and healthcare. This profession allows an individual to explore and learn a lot constantly. Every day in LPN nursing feels like a fresh day accommodated by distinct and new experiences.

And not just new experiences, an LPN also get the opportunity and several varieties of career paths and options to choose from and work in. Once after completing the practical nursing programs, an LPN can join and become a part of various healthcare settings.

Following are some of the career paths you can choose after becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse:-


This is one of the most prominent workplaces an LPN can choose to work at. Hospitals provide a lot of exposure and a self-learning environment setting to nurses. With regular admission of patients in hospitals, an LPN can get to nurse various patients daily and even assist the team of doctors, physicians, RNs, etc. 

Also, working at hospitals provides the LPNs to work in various departments like maternity wards, ICUs, operation and surgical rooms, etc.

Nursing Homes

Another significant career path for LPNs after completing an LPN course from an ati nursing school is to work in a nursing home. While working at a nursing home, the core responsibilities of an LPN will be to monitor patients, take vital signs, help patients in bathing and dressing, ensuring proper diet of patients, feeding them, taking proper medication care, wound dressings, etc.

Physician’s Office

As an LPN, you can even work with a physician. At a physician’s office, the central responsibilities will be associated with providing assistance to the physicians, providing medication to patients, helping in minor surgeries, and taking care of all the activities related to administration and also maintaining the medical history of patients.

Home Healthcare

It is one of the most feasible career paths to choose from. As an LPN, you can work in a home healthcare setting and your main duties at the workplace will include providing bedside nursing care to sick or injured patients, taking and monitoring vital signs of patients, providing injections on stipulated time, dressing up wounds and injuries, providing them healthy food on time, etc.

Rehabilitation Centers

It is quite a non-conventional career path but once you complete an lpn course from practical nursing schools, you can join and work in a rehabilitation center. At such a workplace, you will get to treat and nurse those patients who face mental illness and instability and require rehabilitation aid. Your main duties at such centers will be to monitor patients, outline a treatment plan for the patients, provide basic nursing care, ensure proper diet and hygiene, and render all the necessary medical attention.

Army and Military Forces

LPNs who want to work in a fast-paced environment can join the nursing team of the army and military. It will be quite challenging to work in the army environment but you will get immense learnings and exposure at the same time at such workplaces.

Travel Nursing

Though the duties of a travel LPN will be the same as that of a regular LPN, in this case, you will get to provide nursing assistance and travel at the same time. As a travel LPN, you will get to work in numerous work settings, providing you with new experiences daily.

So, if you are pursuing lpn programs or any evening lpn programs, you can choose among the following career paths and options to work as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

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