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Time Management Tips For LPNs

Time Management Tips For LPNs

Time Management Tips For LPNs

Managing time is one of the most simple yet most difficult tasks one has to possibly do. And when you work in a field like that of nursing, it becomes even harder. Everything works in correspondence to time when it comes to nursing. From maintaining records on time to giving medical attention to the patients on time, every second of the hour matters while working in the nursing arena.

If you are a new LPN who has just finished LPN courses from licensed practical nursing schools, and have now joined a job and having trouble while managing your time, check out the following tips that can help you sort out your struggle:-

Tip 1: Prioritize Your Tasks

As an LPN, you will be delegated with lots of duties. In order to tackle many things at a time, you must make a list or make a mental list of things in ascending order as to what should be done first and what should be proceeded later. Assigning priorities to your tasks will give you a clear picture regarding your work and will help you sort out efficiently.

Tip 2: Document Your Tasks

Making a list always helps. And if you are working as a nursing professional, it will be even more beneficial for you. To make the most use of your time, make a to-do-list for the day, document and list every task of yours in it, assign time individually to every task, and you will be good to go.

Tip 3: Delegate When Possible

As an LPN, you will be working under the supervision of RNs who will be delegating the duties. But at times, if you ever find yourself over-burdened, you can take assistance from your colleague LPNs. You can delegate them your duties and devote your time to the more important work.

Tip 4: Avoid Unnecessary Chats

While visiting a patient for medication, dressing, or any other work, you might sometimes end up chatting a bit with the patient or his/her family. Talking with them for a while is perfectly fine, even recommended, but when small talks lead to long conversations, it might consume a lot of your work time. Thus, do not talk unnecessarily or visit them when you are free of duties.

Tip 5: Anticipate in Advance

The medical profession is completely unpredictable. There can be an occurrence of emergencies at any time of the day. For dealing with unexpected issues, you must take care of your already assigned duties well in advance. You must complete all the work within a stipulated time so that even if an emergency occurs, you will be having time in hand. Also, if any urgent work doesn’t occur, you will have some spare time that you could use for fulfilling some other duties.

So, if you are facing some troubles in time management at work, you can adopt these practical tips. These are perfect for the LPNs and every medical professional, ensuring your time is utilized in the best manner possible.

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