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The Dos And Don’ts Of Licensed Practical Nursing

The Dos And Don’ts Of Licensed Practical Nursing

The Dos And Don'ts Of Licensed Practical Nursing

Licensed practical nursing is a prominent part of the nursing domain. An LPN has equal importance and duties like that of a registered nurse or a certified nurse.

With hard work, rigorous efforts, time, and experience, an LPN can ace his/her work but sometimes due to overwork or newness in the job, sometimes LPNs tend to commit certain mistakes or unintentionally forget to comply with their duties. In order to work with complete fluency, an LPN can take note of the following dos and don’ts in the nursing:-


Clean The Mess

The first and cardinal rule taught in practical nursing schools is to clean every mess around the patient. No matter how busy you are, never forget to clean the surroundings of a patient. After every visit and before completing your shift, make sure to clean & dispose of every used tissue, diapers, medical tools, syringes, etc.

Cooperate With Colleagues

Nursing is a profession that involves individual as well as teamwork. A thread that binds both of these is cooperation. You must learn the art of cooperation in order to fulfill your duties. You need to cooperate with your coworkers for every patient’s care. You must never back off from helping other workers, as in return you will receive the same.

Ask Your Queries

As an LPN, you might face certain circumstances where you might find yourself a little puzzled as to what you should do while treating a patient. Thus, never hesitate to ask your supervisors or the concerned doctors regarding your queries. No matter how small a question is, never hesitate to question. Be it certain work-related duties or any additional responsibilities, ask every time to solve your doubts.

Keep Enhancing You Knowledge

Never quit being a learner. Keep yourself updated with the latest medical upgradations, and keep learning about medical innovations. It will ultimately help you grow as a person and as a medical professional as well.


Getting Distracted

As mentioned earlier, nursing is a hard-working profession. At no cost, an LPN should distract herself from any outer or external factors. Be it some gadget or even your smartphone, make its use only when needed. In every day and evening LPN programs, it is prominently taught to never get diverted as the patients are always the priority.

Being Ignorant Of New Nurses

New LPNs are naive and nervous as it is their first job. As their senior and a supervisor, you should never ignore or discourage them. Whenever they ask a query, solve them away and make them feel being a part of the workplace.

Being A Gossip Monger

Being talkative is good. But when this turns into gossiping, it is a bad sign. Make it a point to never talk excessively around or about your colleagues, your patients, or any other persons in your work time. It not only gives a negative impression but also divert you from your principal job of an LPN.

Burdening Yourself

Being busy is absolutely fine but when you get engrossed by work excessively, it may hamper your performance as an LPN. Thus never overload or overburden yourself. Know your capacity, and work within your ability as otherwise it might affect your health and may even lead to burnout.

So to sum up, make the most of these dos and don’ts of nursing and make your LPN life better.

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