Physical Facilities & Technical Infrastructure

Physical Facilities & Technical Infrastructure

Verve College’s main campus and its extension are both located in large buildings. Both buildings are class “A” Category and are well maintained by the operation staff or the building Management. Orderliness and organization go hand-in-hand with good housekeeping and maintenance. Instructors are directed to set and maintain acceptable operation and maintenance standards. The building management provides custodial upkeep of the entire building including our suites.

In addition, staff is involved in maintaining the campuses, staff members are responsible for checking the campuses both in the morning and at the end of the day to ensure operation is ongoing and maintenance is being kept.

The main campus at the Oak brook has contracted with an outside custodial service for the weekend to ensure the campus is cleaned and maintained on the weekends. Our Chicago staff, with the assistance of instructors, is responsible for maintaining the locations upkeep on the weekend.

Any repairs, replacement of lighting, electrical systems; HVAC systems parking lot, exterior surfaces, plumbing and landscape, where applicable is all responsibility of the building Management.

Any school owned equipment and furniture is maintained by the school staff/administration and replaced as and when needed. The technical staff is responsible for checking the functionality of the computer equipment and any other technological issues at both locations and is done one weekly basis Main campus and every other week at the Chicago Extension.

Any interior painting required and shampooing of the carpet at both locations is maintained by outside contractors and School administration is responsible for engaging them maintaining the upkeep.

Monthly inventory is done by accounting staff of the supplies needed. The list ranges from cleaning supplies to books. Based on the inventory and present need, orders are placed after they are approved by the Operating Manager. Based on the enrollment and count of student body teaching aids, resources, books etc. are ordered.

Monthly inventory and checks for proper functioning of the Lab Equipment is done on monthly basis by our Clinical and Lab Manager at both locations. He / She initiates the requisition order for any supplies or equipment needed.

The plan is available to staff, faculty and students.

Verve College operates and maintains any and all applicable local, state and federal codes and procedures.


An evaluation of the Operation and Maintenance Plan will be on an ongoing basis by Administration. Administration will make changes to the plan and assignments of personnel or contracted services if found necessary.