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Pharmacology in LPN Programs: Tips and Strategies

Pharmacology in LPN Programs: Tips and Strategies

Tips & Strategies To Ace Pharmacology in LPN programs

As an aspiring nurse, no matter how you feel about pharmacology in the medical field, it is one of the most crucial subjects in nursing school. You need a solid plan to succeed in your nursing career and to be a safe healthcare professional for your clinical rotations. To be successful in learning pharmacology during the course of LPN nursing programs, you must:

  • Get organized
  • Create a study plan
  • Use this plan

To maximize your chances of success, organize yourself before you begin the daunting task of learning hundreds upon thousands of medications during your education classes for practical nursing programs. 

While the organization is essential, let’s talk about different study tips and learning styles to help you not only pass but excel in the dreaded course in pharmacology in your nursing school program, so that you can make a bright career in the nursing profession.

Tips to Ace Pharmacology

Break Down All Medications By Class

You can organize medications according to classes like antidepressants, beta-blockers, etc. It will be easy to see that drugs belonging to the same class often have similar characteristics.

  • Mechanisms for action
  • Assessments for nurses
  • Interventions
  • Teaching patient lessons

Imply Creativity

Making mnemonics, humorous phrases, and stories is one of the best ways to learn pharmacology while making a healthcare career. These medications can be recited in stories to help you remember them better for the test.

Record Lectures In Class

Before you bring a tape recorder or use your laptop to record lectures, make sure that your professor has given permission. This can be done with your smartphone or by certain devices.

Practice NCLEX-Style Questions

NCLEX-style questions are often difficult and intimidating. You can strengthen your confidence by practicing a lot of questions with an NCLEX book.

It will not only give you confidence when choosing the correct answer for the test, but it will also help to retain the material.

Form Study Groups

Studying alone is not an option. A study group can be a great alternative. A study area can be reserved in the library so that you can meet up once per week to discuss new material. 

Choose The Right Environment

You can make your space your own by studying in a peaceful area. Even better, add plants or motivational quotes to your desk. These noise-canceling headphones are great for people with roommates or family who are willing to build a career in healthcare.

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Make a Chart About The Drugs

Make a chart in Microsoft Excel of all the drugs as you go. This will be your study guide for semester exams and the dreaded final for LPN programs.

You can organize the drugs according to their category and highlight any side effects or information your professor specifically mentioned in class.

Use Outside Sources

If you wish to be a healthcare professional, the nursing school requires a lot of learning. YouTube channels and study applications provide great pharmacology content that is easy to understand.

It can be very helpful to have another nurse professional, nursing assistant, or nurse educator explain the concepts and terms of pharmacology to you, especially if the lecture is not connecting the information.


Flashcards are one of the best ways to learn pharmacology. You can also make them yourself. It can be daunting and time-consuming, so make sure you don’t wait. Some people find that writing the information is more effective than reading pre-made cards. 

Repetition is The Key

Because you have to remember as a practical nurse and recall a lot of information in a short time, pharmacology can be difficult. Repetition of concepts is one of the best ways to build knowledge and memory for advanced practice. 

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Practical nursing students have a reputation for pharmacology as being difficult. To be a competent and safe nurse practitioner with hands-on experience during clinical hours in a healthcare setting, you must study pharmacology from a reputed institute. LPN Training Illinois helps you by making learning easier so that you turn out to be an excellent LPN professional with clinical experience in the nursing field.