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5 Most Preferred-Nursing Specialties of 2023

5 Most Preferred-Nursing Specialties of 2023

5 Most Important - Nursing Specialties of 2023

The nursing profession & nursing specialties are one of the most sought-after careers. It offers a good salary, job satisfaction, and many opportunities for advancement in the healthcare field. There has been a growing demand for nurses with specialized skills in the healthcare sector. It can be hard to choose the best specialization for you, as there are so many new and complex ones.

Popular Nursing Specialties

Here are some popular nursing specialty areas and nursing positions that will continue to grow well beyond 2023 in a variety of settings. Understanding why you should upskill and select which specialty out of a wide variety best suits your expertise will prepare you for success in the future as a professional nurse and a health care provider:

Licensed Practical Nurses

LPNs perform basic patient care and assist in keeping patients comfortable. They are under the supervision and guidance of registered nurses. LPNs or LVNs are a special type of nurse who provides essential care to patients. After completing their program at a practical nurse school, LPNs can help patients eat, dress or bathe. They help registered nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to keep detailed records and maintain clear communication among the entire team.

Common steps for becoming an LPN include the following:

  • Complete a secondary school diploma or an education equivalent.
  • Prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination.
  • A state-administered licensing test is required (only in certain states).

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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA)

CRNAs are registered advanced practice nurses who have a piece of specialized knowledge in anesthesia methods and techniques. They monitor and administer anesthetizing medication during medical procedures, and they take emergency measures in the event of any potential problems that may arise.

You would work with doctors and surgeons in this role to ensure patient comfort during and after surgery. CRNAs can also take on leadership roles in their workplaces, assuming responsibility when necessary.

Geriatric Nursing

A geriatric nursing specialist is responsible for providing care to older adults in their golden years and for providing therapies and treatments tailored to the elderly. They must have strong clinical skills and a thorough understanding of the aging processes, psychological issues, nutrition requirements, mobility 

Surgical nurses play a vital role in any operating room. They are responsible for more than just helping surgeons perform surgery. Patients must be their for concerns, and other unique medical considerations for the elderly.

They are also responsible for assessing the overall health of patients and advocating interventions that will improve their quality of life. The nurses also offer counseling to the family during tough times. They ensure that all resources are available for those who have been affected by an elderly loved one.

A geriatric career in nursing offers employment and benefits that are attractive, in addition to the satisfaction gained from making a positive difference in other people’s lives.

Perioperative or Surgical Nursing

Surgical nurses play a vital role in any operating room. They are responsible for more than just helping surgeons perform surgery. Patients must be their first priority, and they should act as advocates for them throughout the entire process of clinical rotation.

Also, they monitor vital signs, order diagnostic tests, prepare ORs, patients, and staff, and inform patients about treatment plans. The surgical nurse is also responsible for the post-operative treatment of patients, which includes wound dressing, pain control, infection prevention, and patient follow-up.

Nurse Educator

You will be able to use your nursing knowledge as a nurse educator to help future nurses and nursing students. By fostering a new generation of dedicated and skilled nurses, you will have a direct impact on the healthcare system in the field of nursing as an expert faculty.

This specialization will allow you to work with interprofessional teams, stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, and develop effective teaching methods. This environment will encourage growth and critical thought, and you can make positive changes in the industry as a health professional. Education requirements and eligibility requirements license and a Master’s degree.

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There are many nursing specialties to choose from if you’re thinking about a career path in nursing as a healthcare professional. You can increase your attractiveness to employers by specializing in these areas and progressing your nursing career. Accredited LPN programs are a great stepping stone if you wish to build a rewarding career as a Licensed practical nurse and fulfill your professional goals.