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All About Nursing College Entrance Exams

All About Nursing College Entrance Exams

All About Nursing College Entrance Exams: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve come to this page, you probably have a keen interest in nursing. Good fortune! There are various procedures and prerequisites you must meet in order to apply for nursing programs. An admission exam, prerequisite coursework, and a minimum GPA are requirements for all levels of pre-licensure nursing programs.

They might also require instruction in CPR and nursing aide duties. Verify all of the application materials. The required nursing college entrance exams are “HESI”, “TEAS”, or “PAX”. These tests, which are the most well-liked, help you assess whether you’re prepared to enroll in a nursing program. There are numerous tests with a healthcare theme. Some call for specialized expertise, while others call for a standard SAT or ACT score. Each exam’s description and recommended study materials are provided below.

Test of Essential Academic Skills Exam

This test is provided by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). It has 170 multiple-choice questions that are broken down into four categories: science, math, English, language, as well as reading. Most nursing programs require this exam; however, it can also be utilized for degrees in other healthcare fields. According to ATI, you should start studying for the test at least six weeks beforehand. Along with free practice tests, they provide products to aid your study and preparation. The exam takes 209 minutes.

Health Education Systems, Inc. Admission Assessment (HESI)

The HESI A2 is a further prevalent prerequisite. Although not necessarily nursing, it is specific to healthcare. There are nine portions in it. The TEAS includes fewer components and gives more weight to arithmetic, reading comprehension, biology, and chemistry. The HESI exam’s questions on personality and learning styles are an additional intriguing feature. This test takes about two hours. There are several resources available that can assist you in getting ready for the HESI. This also applies to this thorough study guide with a practice exam search for LPN schools near me.

National League For Nursing Pre-Admission Exam (PAX)

The exam has 160 multiple-choice questions from three subject categories, specifically for nurses. They include physics, math, reading comprehension, and word knowledge. It takes between 60 and 100 minutes to complete the exam, depending on which school it is required. Numerous resources and study materials are available to study for the PAX.

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Nursing Entrance Test (NET)

This nursing-specific exam, like the PAX, examines math and reading speed as well as decision-making abilities, learning styles, and the capacity to deal with stressful situations. A 1-minute speed-reading test is included in addition to six sections of multiple-choice questions. Depending on your location, this exam may cost more or less. The minimum marks for maths and reading are typically 65 and 55, respectively, but the scores for the other areas will vary per school. There are numerous internet resources and NET preparation manuals available.

Kaplan Nursing Admissions Testing

Another exam offered by Kaplan is targeted at nurses and is designed to assess a candidate’s likelihood of succeeding in a PN program. The test consists of 91 multiple-choice questions divided into four categories: arithmetic, science, writing, and reading. The duration is 2 hours and 45 minutes. This test is intended to assess high school-level fundamentals. Many people use SAT/ACT study guides to be ready, but Kaplan also provides its resources.

Psychological Services Bureau (PSB)

The PSB offers two different kinds of exams: one for PN programs and one for practical nursing programs. 360 multiple-choice questions are available, with special areas including academic aptitude. Spelling, reading comprehension, and scientific sciences are included in other parts. The test lasts 105 minutes.

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Nursing programs usually require a particular exam. After making a list of prospective schools, note which exam is necessary. My experience is that schools will often require one exam and not all. The most popular exams are HESI and TEAS. Contact the school directly for more information about applying for a particular practical nursing program near me and the application process.