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What Should You Know About NCLEX–PN?

What Should You Know About NCLEX–PN?

LPN Training Illinois: NCLEX-PN Essentials for Nursing Licensure

Each state board of nursing administers the “National Council Licensure Examination” for practical nurses or NCLEX-PN. The NCLEX-PN is also known as “the boards” and “the state boards,” respectively. The NCLEX–PN serves one purpose. It determines if you can start an entrance career in the nursing profession.

These boards are charged with protecting the public from patient care that is dangerous and inadequate. Each authority has a clinical duty of respect for regulating the practice and administration of healthcare facilities in its present state.

The NCBSN reports found Illinois Nclex Pass Rates, which is 89% of applicants who cleared the NCLEX PN examination in 2021 on their initial try.

These numbers indicate the high probability that you will get first-time success on the NCLEX-PN to become a healthcare professional in long-term care facilities. Unsurprisingly, eight out of ten nurse practitioners & aspiring nurses complete the test on the first attempt. Focused preparation will increase your chances of passing the test.

What Kind of Questions Are on The NCLEX-PN Exam?

Multiple-choice questions have four answer options. There are, however, other kinds of questions. Alternative several answers are included in relevant queries. Fill-in-the-blank and hot spots. All sample questions include linked curriculum in health care.

Examine the following to achieve excellent opportunities in NCLEX with answer choice questions:

After delivering a healthy baby boy in a hospital or medical facility, weighing 9 lb 8 oz, A type 1 diabetic woman is transferred to the care unit. LPN/LVN or nurse midwives would want to give the proper attention to patients and see the sugar level in a female’s body (medical care) & also do detection of health problems through clinical training as the primary responsibility of the clinical nurse and nurse specialist, also learned in the LPN program online.

  1. Reduce the concentration from 220 mg/dl to 180 mg/dl.
  2. Reduce the concentration from 110 to 80 mg/dl.
  3. Increase the engagement from 90 to the daily dose.
  4. Increase the concentration from 100 to 140 mg/dl.

This is an excellent example of a practice question.

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What is the Length of The NCLEX PN?

No matter how many questions you’ve been questioned, the total time it takes to pass the NCLEX-PN exam is 5 hours.

Before you sit down for the test, watch a brief instructional video.

  • Throughout the examination, there are two pauses:
  • Two hours before the start of the exam, there is a one-hour break.
  • 3.5 hours later of the exam, you can take a second rest.

Once you have answered all the questions, The test will be done directly.


A computer-administered exam is an abbreviation for “computer adaptive testing.” This form of interactive testing is based on the answers to every query. The CAT is based on your knowledge level, so questions are neither “too challenging” nor “too basic.”

The first question you answer will be pretty straightforward, below the basic proficiency range. If you correctly answer the first question, the computer will select a slightly more complex one. The machine will choose a marginally more straightforward question if you answer it wrongly. The computer can determine your competence level by continuing this practice during the examination.

How To Apply For The NCLEX-PN?

During your last semester in the practical nursing program at nursing schools, You will be sent two cases—the NCLEX PN test and the certification exam. You must submit your completed forms to the nursing regulatory body (NRB) along with the fees for licensure to LPN schools by a specific date.

NCLEX-PN Exam & Licensure Fee

$200 is required to sit for the NCLEX PN exam in the average city. Each State Board of Nursing sets additional fees for licensure. NCS Pearson will accept your completed registration and fee. Dial 866-49 NCLEX or go online at to enroll. Several countries require you to send the application for testing, cost, and licensure application in a specialized field.

Schedule NCLEX-PN Exam

A postcard will be sent to you acknowledging your registration. After NCS Pearson has sent you an authorization to test (ATT), make an appointment to take your practice exam. The ATT will give you your candidate number, expiration date, and a list of testing facilities. You can then schedule your licensing exam in a couple of months or visit for a successful nursing career.

Grow Professionally as a Licensed Practical Nurse

We hope you discovered these prep tips helpful and that the information will assist you in passing the NCLEX PN & gain some invaluable skills in the healthcare industry.

Want to Make a Career in Nursing? Get More Educational Requirements!

While it is understandable that the NCLEX-PN exam can be nerve-racking, you should not let this stop you from preparing & achieve educational opportunities for advanced training. You have completed the coursework to reach this stage and can become a medical professional.

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