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LPN Training Illinois: Requirements, Costs, and Accreditation

LPN Training Illinois: Requirements, Costs, and Accreditation

LPN Training Illinois: Requirements, Costs, and Accreditation

Illinois is a great state to get your LPN (licensed practical nurse) diploma if you are interested in the medical field. There are many accredited LPN programs in Illinois, which gives prospective students a wide range of choices.

Under the Department of Labor Statistics, the need for practical nurses will increase by 9% between 2029 and 2029. LPN training Illinois makes an average of $24.56 per hour. It equates to a salary of $51,080. This is around $4,030 higher than the national rate in healthcare settings.

Would you like to go for practical nursing in Illinois to practice direct patient care & wound care in clinical settings? When you take licensure, the institution you select is very important. Many practical nursing programs in Illinois can be found at technical schools, vocational schools, and private institutions. We list them all. We are also the best in Illinois for enrolling for nursing curriculums based on NCLEX-PN exam pass rates for the past few years with best.

Details about Illinois LPN Training and Classes

LPN programs & online programs are available at many clinical colleges in Illinois. These include community & technical colleges and vocational schools. The total completion of the program will depend on whether the student chooses to attend full-time or part-time. The total completion of the program is 14-15 months, which allows students to join the LPN profession quickly. LPN training Illinois includes a combination of prerequisite courses, clinical rotations & classroom instruction, labs, and other positions, including:-

  • Physiology & Anatomy
  • The Foundations of Nursing
  • Palliative Care,
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Pharmacology


Prospective students must be aware of every Licensed practical nursing program available in a different state. They must choose a high-quality nursing school. Accreditations prove that the institution and the curriculum have been fully investigated. Accreditations from national organizations, such as the Accreditation Committee for Medical Training, and regional accrediting bodies are worth looking for. The Illinois Board of Nursing also records LPN schools that are acceptable for learners.

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Admission Requirements

After narrowing down your choices, it’s time to ensure that you fulfill all admission requirements. Although requirements may vary from school to school, the majority require these:

  • Having a GED, a high school diploma, or at least 8 college credits from an approved U.S.
  • GPA in high school of 2.5 or more
  • 2 professional letters of recommendation.
  • CPR/BLS card
  • Active CNA Certification
  • Background check & sanctions check

Fees and Costs

Enrollment expenses, fees, and other expenditures may differ according to the institution. Students must consider the costs of textbooks and course fees and uniforms. If applicable, food and accommodation should also be included. At Verve Community College, the cost of the LPN programs is $23,995 overall, including tuition fees, ATI, textbook, and Licensure Exam. Well-qualified applicants may also be eligible for financial aid or alternative funding choices.

If you want to make a career in the healthcare field, check out our PN Nursing program page for acquiring an LPN license now.

LPN Licensure Qualifications in Illinois

In order to become a certified nurse, you must first complete a practical nursing curriculum. After the program has been completed, applicants must meet the further requirements for Licensure:

  • Application for Licensure in the paper.
  • A completion certificate from an accredited nursing course.
  • Pass the NCLEX-PN Exam
  • Clear criminal records check

After completing the certified program, the graduate will have 3 years to become licensed. If this is not achieved, an additional educational program could be necessary. Every 2 years, the LPN licensure must be renewed. At every renewal cycle in a nursing career, the license holder must complete some clinical hours of continued education.

NCLEX Test Details

After completing a program, The route of becoming an LPN is still ongoing. To be officially licensed, practical nursing students must clear the NCLEX test. It is also worthwhile to complete an NCLEX PN practice test to prepare for the exam adequately.

NLC & LPN Compatibility

Illinois does not currently follow the Nurse Licensure Compact. However, Illinois is currently considering NLC legislation. NLC states allow nurses from other states to practice in the NLC without needing extra accreditation ( additional licenses). To work in a different state, you will need endorsement licensure. The candidate must be able to complete the following requirements to be eligible for a license approval in health care industry:-:

  • A legal license from some other state is required.
  • Submit a formal petition to the Board of Directors.
  • In Illinois, you have completed an authorized board of nursing-approved education course.
  • Do criminal records check?

Want to Make a Career in Nursing? Get More Information About Admissions Requirements!

To be licensed as a nurse in a country other than the United States, the applicant must prove their educational equivalence using the CGFNS evaluation and complete the Test of English Fluency (TOEFL) test. The online endorsement application provides detailed information on LPN endorsement in Illinois.