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Nursing can be considered as one of the rewarding careers of time. It does not only require hard work but also a proper balance of patience, dedication, and enthusiasm. It needs an individual to be truly devoted to the profession to provide the best support possible. And it isn’t merely the profession of nursing but it is highly imperative to study all the concepts with full dedication while pursuing the nursing programs. Thus, enrolling in a reputed nursing school is extremely essential since it’s the initial step to be taken for this noble profession.

Therefore, if you’re trying to find a reputed and accredited nursing school that provides top-of-the-line LPN Courses, then you can join Verve College.
We’re an Illinois-based nursing school located in Chicago and Oak Brook. Established in the year 1997 and since we’ve been enjoying an integral role in providing quality nursing education in the state of Illinois. We’re a certified nursing school with accreditation and approvals from many nursing, medical, and instructional boards such as:-

· Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)
· U.S. Department of Education (School Code 041791)
· The Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.
· Division of Private Business & Vocational schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education
· The Accrediting Bureau of Health Educational Schools (ABHES).
In Verve College, we provide top-quality nursing programs which involve physiology and anatomy courses. All our nursing classes are taught by our staff of specialist and professional faculties. Having a sensible approach to teaching nursing concepts, we create our students learn the below-mentioned concepts via modules:-
· Asepsis & Infection Control/Nutrition, Elimination & Hygiene
· Physical Assessment/ Vitals 
· Nursing Process, Critical Thinking
· Medical Calculation (Pharmacology) 
· Admissions, Transfer, Discharge/ Documentation
· Safety & Body Mechanics/ Patient Mobility 
· Life Span Development/ Culture / Pain / Loss, Death
· Wound Care, Fluid & Electrolytes, Specimen Collections, Intravenous/Perioperative Care
· Neurology
· Mental Health 
· Gastrointestinal & Liver
· Blood, Lymph, Cardio & Peripheral Vascular Disease
· Respiratory
· Musculoskeletal 
· Genitourinary
· Endocrine
· Reproductive, Visual and Auditory
· Immune & Oncology
· Antepartum, Postpartum, Newborn
· Pediatrics
· Community, Palliative Care, Older Adult, Human Immune Deficiency Virus

In addition to this, through our A&P Class, we cover all the topics of human anatomy. By covering the below-mentioned concepts, our students get to understand how the body functions and works:-

· Body as a Whole
· Support and Movement
· Communication, Control, and Integration
· Transportation and Defense
· Respiration, Nutrition, and Excretion
· Reproduction and Development

Thus, if you would like to know nursing concepts well and need expert advice, instructions, and nursing abilities, join our LPN Courses or weekend nursing courses.
In Verve College, we strive for excellence and greatness, hence we ensure that you receive the ideal nursing education potential. Combine our LPN Programs and become a successful licensed practical nurse that helps you serve society and get personal satisfaction.