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LPN Programs in Glenview, IL – 60025, 60026 | Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

LPN Programs in Glenview, IL – 60025, 60026 | Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

LPN Programs in Glenview, IL - 60025, 60026 _ Nursing School _ Nursing Training Illinois

Choosing a perfect nursing school can become a tough choice when there are only a limited number of such institutions that provide accredited LPN Programs. But if you want to pursue your nursing education in the state of Illinois, we feel proud to say that we, at Verve College, provide certified LPN courses.

Verve College was established in the year 1997 and since then have been playing a vital role in the nursing education domain. With our LPN Programs, we have educated hundreds of nursing aspirants and have them helped become a Licensed Practical Nurse.

We have assisted hundreds of such students who had a dream of venturing into the noble arena of nursing by providing them the right education and guidance.

Verve College is a certified practical nursing school. We hold numerous certifications and accreditations from several medical, nursing, and educational boards. They are mentioned as follows:-

  • Approved by the Division of Private Business & Vocational schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education
  • Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)
  • U.S. Department of Education (School Code 041791)
  • Verve College is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.
  • Verve College is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Educational Schools (ABHES).


We mainly offer LPN programs along with weekend nursing programs and anatomy and physiology classes as well. Our main goal is to provide complete knowledge about practical nursing and human anatomy to our students. Since the nursing course is pretty vast and to make it a little easy for our students, we have designed our LPN courses in a specific manner. We have bifurcated all the practical nursing subjects and topics into various modules and teach them one at a time. This makes it a lot easier for our students to understand and comprehend the complex topics of practical nursing.

With our accredited LPN programs, we make our students learn every aspect of practical nursing, human anatomy, and physiology along with the basic tasks of nursing like taking vital signs of patients, inserting catheters, providing medications and injections, bathing and dressing up, feeding and monitoring food intake, wound and injury dressing, monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate, administering a proper record of every patient, communicating with the patient, his family, doctors, registered nurses, etc.

Along with the education part, we feel that a nursing student should also be given proper exposure to the real world of nursing. Thus we often conduct educational events and seminars, organize some functions and programs that help our students learn more about practical nursing and its day-to-day tasks and cores. We even provide numerous opportunities for nursing externships and internships to our students as well so that they can know the job of an LPN a little better.

Thus, if you want to become a part of an institution that provides quality-education and follows the practical approach of teaching, get in touch with us, and enroll in Verve College now.

Become a licensed practical nurse with our LPN courses and venture onto a successful nursing journey. Visit to know more about our programs.