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LPN Programs in Glen Ellyn, IL – 60137, 60138 | Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

LPN Programs in Glen Ellyn, IL – 60137, 60138 | Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

LPN Programs in Glen Ellyn, IL - 60137, 60138 Nursing School Nursing Training Illinois

Being in the nursing education sphere for the past various years, Verve College has always been regarded as one of the finest nursing schools in Illinois.

We are based in the beautiful land and state of Illinois and have our nursing colleges located at Chicago and Oak Brook. We are a unit of diverse people who are sewed with a strong thread of unity and the sole motto of giving the best practical nursing training possible to our nursing aspirants.

We have been providing nursing training and education over the past numerous years and have managed to provide hundreds of dedicated and committed Licensed Practical Nurses to the domain of medicine. We are proud of the fact that today, almost every corner of the States has our student working as a triumphant LPN who is assisting the people in need with their medical aid.

We hold certifications from some of the most renowned boards of nursing and education. Our major approvals and accreditations include:-

  • Approved by the Division of Private Business & Vocational schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education

  • Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)

  • U.S. Department of Education (School Code 04197)

  • Accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education.

  • Accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Educational Schools (ABHES).

With our accredited LPN Programs and A&P Class, we aim to provide both theoretical and practical understanding of practical nursing to our learners. We have conscripted the entire syllabus of our LPN Nursing programs into several modules. These modules are apportioned in such a way that covers concepts like:-

  • History/ Legal, Scope of Practical & Delegation

  • Asepsis & Infection Control/Nutrition, Elimination & Hygiene

  • Physical Assessment/ Vitals

  • Nursing Process, Critical Thinking

  • Medical Calculation (Pharmacology)

  • Admissions, Transfer, Discharge/ Documentation

  • Safety & Body Mechanics/ Patient Mobility

  • Genitourinary

  • Endocrine

  • Reproductive, Visual, and Auditory

  • Immune & Oncology

Along with these modules, we have A&P Prep Courses as well which helps our nursing students to learn everything about human anatomy and physiology. Our A&P Classes cover all the salient concepts that cover various topics like the human body as a whole, different body systems, support, and movement, bone and tissue structure, and formation, etc.

Also, we not only just focus on providing nursing education, but we also help our students prepare for the NCLEX-PN Exam. Our team of expert instructors guides and train our students on how they should prepare for their NCLEX-PN exams. As a result of this, with our direction, guidance, and our students’ hard work, Verve College has had excellent results in these licensure exams over the years.

Get in touch with us to become a licensed practical nurse and get set to help the people in need of medical attention with your services.