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LPN Programs in Chicago Heights, IL – 60411, 60412 | Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

LPN Programs in Chicago Heights, IL – 60411, 60412 | Nursing School | Nursing Training Illinois

LPN Programs In Chicago Heights, IL - 60411, 60412 Nursing School Nursing Training Illinois

Ready to become a licensed practical nurse? Desire to become a member of the remarkable sphere of nursing? If yes, earn the best nursing education and obtain practical nursing skills at Verve College.

Verve College is an Illinois-based nursing institute. We offer licensed practical nursing courses and support the nursing aspirants to embark on a career in the healthcare domain. We initiated our nursing school in the year 1997 and since then have been executing an elemental role in the nursing education area. With our practical nursing programs, we have, till now, trained hundreds of nursing candidates who are now serving successfully and diligently in the department of healthcare. Our alumni are contributing their nursing and medical care aids in numerous parts of the country and are making the most of their education and abilities.

We primarily provide accredited practical nurse courses along with A&P Prep Courses i.e. anatomy and physiology courses. But aside from the regular day classes, we offer night and weekend nursing programs too.

Our LPN curriculum is segmented into multiple modules through which we make our trainees discover every concept of nursing without burdening their study load. We know that nursing and its subjects are a bit intricate, thus we chose the methodology of training through modules, which has been working splendidly for our nursing candidates.

We suggest you enroll in Verve College not just because we provide certified LPN courses but because we offer several educational amenities like:-

  • We have a team of expert and well-experienced faculty who are masters of their respective subjects.

  • We teach through a practical approach which makes it a lot easier for our students to understand the concepts of nursing.

  • We have our very own PN laboratories where we teach the practical aspects.

  • We offer financial aid to our students.

  • We also offer internship and externship opportunities along with job assistance.

  • We conduct numerous events and seminars to provide the right guidance and exposure to our nursing aspirants.

  • We offer certified A&P Prep Courses.

  • Also, along with the theoretical and practical subjects, we teach our students the basic nursing care tasks like taking vital signs of patients, monitoring health rates, wound and injury dressing, bathing, and dressing, feeding and monitoring food intake of patients, providing medication and injections, administering medical records, etc.

At our institution, we only strive for excellence and have the sole purpose of providing the best nursing education possible to our trainees. We recognize the importance of nursing and its education in the healthcare division, thus, we never compromise with the quality of education we provide. We keep updating and upgrading our methodology of teaching and always look forward to choosing such methods which make it easier for our learners to understand.

Hence, if you want to become a successful licensed practical nurse and search for a practical nursing program near me, consider registering at Verve College. With our LPN courses and educational perks, you can build a strong base to venture into the nursing and healthcare field.