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LPN Program: You Have Heard the Myths, Now Let’s Talk About Benefits

LPN Program: You Have Heard the Myths, Now Let’s Talk About Benefits

LPN ProgramIf you have a keen desire for helping people in need, especially the ones suffering some health problems; then LPN could be your option. Many people want to make a career in assisting patients but are not aware of the courses which could help them do so. I have met many people who desired to be in this stream but were told by some so-called well-wishers that this field, particularly LPN, is not worth it. They abandoned their plan and moved to some other area which they never love.

Before we dive into the fact that why you should join LPN, let’s first discuss what exactly LPN is.

What is LPN?

As far as the definition of LPN is concerned, it says, LPN is Licenced Practical Nurses. These nurses are designated to take care of sick people. The LPN nurses work under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or a doctor. The LPN nurses take care of the patients as gracefully as possible. They regularly check the health conditions of patients. They take care of their documents and previous health records. LPN nurses are responsible for every little and significant thing of patients.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of LPN programs.


Many people claim that those who couldn’t manage to be RN try their fate with the LPN program. LPN is not as reputable as an RN. The reason behind such a statement is simple; the RNs learn and practice more in this niche when compared to the LPNs. Therefore, RNs become the supervisors of LPNs. However, this does never mean that LPNs do not have any status. Becoming an LPN requires dedication and passing an NCLEX-PN examination as well, which makes LPNs a prominent personality in their industry and society.

Good Salary

The salary of the LPNs is quite decent. They can make up to $45,000 per year, according to a report by BLS. This report shared the data for 2017. So, if you’re dropping the idea of registering for LPN programs because of the salary, then I would suggest you follow your dream and become a licensed practical nurse.


Future of LPN Jobs

It’s also a common misconception that these jobs are dying up. This misconception arose because of a claim that the healthcare sector is cutting the jobs of LPN nurses. This claim does not seem to be accurate as a report from BLS projects suggests that the posts in the LPN sector will increase with a steady rate of 12% till 2026.

This report also claimed, in 2016, that around 38 per cent of LPN nurses works in nursing and residential care facilities. There is enough scope of the LPN nurses in hospitals and residential care facilities. Knowing the future of LPN nurses, many youngsters who are already occupied with some jobs are planning to make their career in LPN sector. Many of them are employed and can’t attend the regular daytime weekday courses, but it’s possible with night and weekend LPN programs.

Good Colleges

Seldom or perhaps many times finding the right college to pursue licensed practical nurses courses can be a challenge. Many people leave the pursuit of an LPN course because they are told that there is no right college for , which is not true at all. The problem of finding the right college comes to every student in every stream. That doesn’t mean good colleges for these courses do not exist. With a little effort, you can find a credible college that will help you grow and become a skilful LPN nurse.

Good Luck!

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