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Why is Nurse Appreciation Important for Supporting Healthcare Workers?

Why is Nurse Appreciation Important for Supporting Healthcare Workers?

As the COVID-19 effects on frontline workers continue to linger, a nursing crisis exists in the United States. Nurses will be in high demand as they are needed to address health issues related to the pandemic.

According to the American Institutes for Research, one way to deal with the issues behind this gap in nursing services — including nurse burnout and rapid turnover rates — is to increase support resources for clinical nurses in clinical settings.

Americans are aware that this nursing profession is worthy of support. Gallup’s annual poll consistently shows that Americans rank nurses as the most ethical and honest professionals in health care settings. Nursing scored its highest-ever basic score on these metrics in 2020: 89% of respondents rated vocational nurses as having high ethical and professional standards.

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Nursing diploma programs are helping promote the profession and address nursing shortages. Nursing programs in Illinois are also experiencing an increase in enrollment. Illinois College of Nursing accreditation (continuing accreditation) for prospective students undergoes rigorous accreditation processes for clinical training.

It’s good to know that expressing your appreciation for future nurses can be as easy as saying thank you in a variety of healthcare settings.

Why Nurses Deserve More Appreciation?

Nurses and other healthcare professionals are vital to patient care for checking vital signs at nursing homes. They provide a wide range of services. Appreciation for nurses is also essential.

The Practical Nurse’s Role in Outstanding Healthcare

Nurses, for instance, help to guide patients from the time of admission until discharge. According to the American Nurses Association, nurses can reduce:

  • The length of hospital stays
  • Patient mortality rates
  • There are many preventable problems, such as falls and infections

Nursing professionals often find themselves in difficult situations for the patient and the medical professional. They must ensure their patients receive compassionate care and are as comfortable as possible. Nurses are of great value during crises.

Nurses are often at the forefront of medical care for those injured or ill, whether it is due to natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes or human-caused tragedies like plane crashes and terrorist acts in the nursing field. COVID-19, a global catastrophe that has long-term effects on both the people who are treating it and those who suffer from it, is a good example.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Nurses

According to a 2018 American Journal of Medical Quality report, the nurse shortage could be as high as 500,000 nationwide by 2030. The demand for registered nursing is expected to increase due to an elderly population, retirements, and a decrease in nurses. Burnout from COVID-19 could also play a part in the further decline of nurses in healthcare facilities.

In a 2021 Nursing Outlook study, nurses in New York City who treated COVID-19 cases reported higher levels of anxiety and depression. This same study also highlighted how important it is to show support and appreciation. The healthcare team surveyed said that support from family, friends, and coworkers helped them navigate the challenges of providing nursing care to patients at clinical sites during the pandemic.

What Patients Can Do to Show Their Appreciation For Nurses?

A nurse encouraged patients to show patience and understanding- the easiest way to demonstrate their appreciation for nurses. She said these gestures are free but hold much value for nurses. Patients can also show their gratitude by:

  • Organizing an appreciation card drive
  • Offering snacks or coffee
  • Planning meal delivery

The Impact of Nurse Appreciation

Nursing is a valuable profession with hands-on training & clinical experience that offers a wide range of services, from quick responses to traumatic situations to support families during difficult times. According to PayScale’s survey, 80 percent of nurses believe their job is meaningful. They have the chance to change people’s life.

By showing appreciation, the health care team can overcome the challenges they face. This could reduce the risk of burnout and turnover and help address the nursing crisis.

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