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How Meditation Can Benefit LPNs While Doing Their Job

How Meditation Can Benefit LPNs While Doing Their Job

How Meditation Can Benefit LPNs While Doing Their Job

Everyone is familiar with the common fact that nursing is a hectic job. It is often stressful and might take a toll on a nurse’s health and well-being if not managed with care.

An LPN in his/her day-to-day routine comes across several such situations and circumstances which causes them strain, stress, and anxiety. Meditation is one rescue remedy that can benefit to deal with all the tension and pressure around.

Meditation is a kind of soothing therapy which helps an individual in dealing with:-

  • Burden
  • Anxiety
  • Burnout
  • Exhaustion
  • Taxing Situations, etc.


When these above-mentioned factors are not addressed carefully, it may hamper not only the professional life of LPNs but may cause trouble in personal life too.

Meditation helps LPNs carry out their job efficiently and it even helps the LPN students attending LPN classes and night and weekend nursing programs learn and focus actively and skillfully as well.

Below-mentioned are some of the prominent and noteworthy benefits of Meditation that also state why an LPN should take out at least an hour for meditation from his/her daily life:-

Addresses Nurse Burnout

Nurse Burnout is pretty common in the profession of nursing. Continous working schedules and shifts can often hamper the health of LPNs. In order to avoid the situations of nursing burnout like exhaustion, neglect, isolation, etc., Meditation can prove to be of great help. Just a break of 10-15 minutes, can relieve the stress and restore your energy and enthusiasm towards work. A short break of meditation can work wonders in avoiding nurse burnout.

Boosts Emotional Health

LPNs come across critically ill patients almost every day. Due to their job role, they often get to witness even the deaths of patients. This might disturb the mental and emotional health of them. To cope with such circumstances, meditation can act as a great booster.

For calming down and dealing with the emotional turmoil going in an LPN’s mind, even a meditation break of 10-15 minutes can do the job and relieve the emotional stress.

Ensures Better Sleep Pattern

Due to multiple shifts and even night shifts, LPNs may sometimes suffer a lack of sleep and insomnia. A sleep-deprived LPN may lose focus and concentration and might face deterioration in health.

Thus to overcome this, meditation can help in making a perfect sleep pattern ensuring minimization of stress, anxiety, and exertion.

Improves Self-Awareness

Meditation can make you quite aware of your surroundings. It makes you monitor yourself and your feelings a lot better. It makes you self-aware and helps you cope with loneliness, anxiety, and isolation.

Strengthens Attention Span

It is a proven fact that meditation strengthens the attention span of an individual. It even stimulates endurance, controls mind-wandering, and also improves the concentration.

Thus, if you are a Licensed Practical Nurse or even a student pursuing LPN classes and weekend nursing programs, you should try devoting some time from your daily life towards meditation. It will not only help you relax but will also assist you in leading a peaceful life.

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