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Verve College acknowledges all student complaints. Verve College differentiates the nature of the complaint or series
of complaints. The following tactics are employed:

  • The Director of Nursing for Administration reviews all operational & administrative complaints.
  • The Director of Faculty and Curriculum Development reviews all the academic grievances.
  • The campus manger is responsible for reviewing and processing reports.
  • Before an issue becomes a formal grievance, students and or prospective students are encouraged wherever possible to discuss and resolve concerns or difficulty directly with the person(s) concerned. If necessary, the Office Manager arranges for the appropriate personnel to facilitate the discussion and resolution. The elected personnel will depend on the nature of the complaint.For example, if it is related to tuition fee collection, the Finance Adviser is called in.
  • All formal grievances must be submitting in writing to the Office Manager for all general grievances. Verve College requires the complaint to be signed and dated by the complainant. Verve College is committed to responding to individual complaints within 30 days.If necessary, a written responsemay be presented to the student.
  • Staff Responsibility – Improving the quality of customer service and reducing dissatisfaction or grievances is the responsibility of all.

Grievance Policy:

  • Treated seriously and with fairness.
  • Dealt with promptly.
  • Resolve wherever possible without recourse to the formal stage.
  • All matter arising shall be accurately documented and recorded.
  • Records are maintained in respective student files and treated as confidential in accordance with Verve College’s policy on information privacy.


Illinois Board of Higher Education 
Division of private Business and Vocational Schools 
1 N. Old State Capitol Plaza, Suite 333 
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1377 
Phone Number: 217-782-2551
Fax Number: 217-782-8548
Complaints can be registered through the IBHE online complaint system, accessible through the agency’s homepage (

Complaints can also be reported to Council on Occupational Education (COE):
Council on Occupational Education
7840 Roswell Road Building 300, Suite 325 
Atlanta, GA 30350
Phone Number: 800-917-2081