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6 Most Unknown Facts About the Nursing Profession

6 Most Unknown Facts About the Nursing Profession

If you work as a practical nurse in the healthcare field, you probably already know something about the sector. You’re also probably aware of the nursing shortage. Perhaps you are familiar with the size of the nursing profession or the average wage for nurses.

Although hospitals are currently the biggest employers of nurses, there are other common types of possibilities. Here is a quick list of the places where nurses are employed.

  • Hospitals: 60%
  • Services for Ambulatory Healthcare: 18%
  • Nursing cares for homes and residential care institutions: 7%
  • Government: 5%
  • Education services: 3%

Surprising Facts About Nursing That you Might Not Know

Behind every passionate nurse is a nursing school that trains the aspirant to become a licensed practical nurse who serves the betterment of mankind. These institutes offer LPN programs that train nursing students both theoretically and practically. This article is about some astonishing facts about nursing that will make you respect the nurses around you even more.

It’s Old

Let’s start our list of entertaining nursing facts with some background information. The first known instance of nurses in the Roman Empire dates around 300 A.D. In those days, there were nurses in every city. It was not until the Middle Ages that nursing staffing factoring was established and became standard.

Florence Nightingale was a Pioneer in Healthcare and the Profession

One of the most renowned nurses was a British woman named Florence Nightingale. Her work as a nurse in the Crimean War helped many soldiers. Nightingale altered nursing education and public perceptions of nursing as a vocation.

To stop the spread of illnesses, she modified how hospitals were cleaned, the food was produced, and how patients with wounds were cared for. She made a lot of contributions to the healthcare field. Many of the methods developed by Florence Nightingale are still in use today.

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Every Shift, Nurses Walk 5k

Compared to the average person, nurses walk twice as far in a single shift (around 2.5 miles). The average 12-hour workday for nurses involves four to five kilometres of walking. That’s a lot of walking. For this reason, nurses must have a pair of cosy shoes.

Nursing is the Major Chosen Subject for Half of the Students who Study Health Care

The nursing industry makes up around half of all healthcare students in higher education. Peers provide a lot of encouragement to nursing students as they work towards their degrees.

This is representative of the entire sector. Healthcare systems require a large number of nurses to run efficiently.

National Nurses’ Week Runs from May 6-12

A week of recognition for nurses has been observed for more than 40 years. It comes to an end on the day Florence Nightingale was born!

National Nurses Week was created to acknowledge the challenging nature of nursing and to express gratitude for the work done by nurses.

A Staffing Agency Employs Many Nurses

A nurse staffing agency is a resource that nurses can use to assist them in finding new employment and possibilities. If you own a staffing company, you must have enough money.

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