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How to Land Your Dream LPN Nursing Home Job?

How to Land Your Dream LPN Nursing Home Job?

How to Land Your Dream LPN Nursing Home Job

You probably had in mind the perfect job when you started practical nurse school. You may have pictured yourself working in a big hospital and working your way to a management position. You might have imagined yourself as a nurse leader in a small clinic.

Tips to Land an LPN Nursing Job

If you’re aspiring to be a nurse and have a dream job in mind, you should know some things:

Be Realistic

You probably imagined yourself happy, satisfied, and able to work with coworkers and have a fulfilling personal life. You want to enjoy the work that you do, no matter what it is.

Here, being realistic is key. Realize that the dream is just a job. You can control the position, specialization, and even the location. You cannot control your boss, the hours that you get, how you’re treated by superiors, or how a job will affect your work life.

Be aware of what you can’t control when you are searching for your dream job. You may have to make some concessions. If you are looking for an LPN nursing home job or a job in a big hospital in Chicago where you can work with a variety of patients and thrive in the chaos of the ER, but you don’t like cold weather, then you need to decide what your priorities really are.

Stay The Course

It’s important to start your career off right with a nursing school for LPN nursing students, but you may end up in a job that doesn’t work out as well for you as you had expected. You should resist the temptation to leave your current job and look for a better one.

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The turnover rate is the number of employees who leave an organization and must be replaced. In the first year after graduation, turnover rates for new graduates are incredibly high. This means that you are more likely to quit your first job in the first year. It’s usually because nurses are overly ambitious or don’t think through the job search process. Then they end up in an unsuitable position as healthcare professionals.

It’s understandable that no one would want to stay in a job they hate, but if you can, try to make it last at least a full year. You will be setting yourself up to constantly find and leave jobs that do not meet your expectations if you decide to leave early. You’ll have to make concessions to get a job in the nursing profession.

Sending the right message to potential employers is also important. Your interviewer may think you are unreliable, disloyal, and flighty if your resume lists a lot of jobs you have held in less than one year. Employers want to be sure that you are worth the investment. Training costs, orientation, and benefits can be expensive for them.

Consider Your Ideal Demographic

You’ve decided to stick with your choice for a while and be realistic. Now you need to decide what your facility or specialty should be as a healthcare provider. Answering the question, “What type of patient do you like working with?” is an excellent way to determine what your specialty or facility should be.

You might consider a career in geriatrics and patient care if you are close to your grandparents and enjoy working with the elderly. There is a growing population that needs caring, dedicated nurses with active listening. As a pediatrician, you will be valued for your unique connection with children and their medical history. You may have lost someone you love to cancer and now want to dedicate yourself to helping others with compassionate care.

Shadow a Nurse

This is one of the best methods to find out if you are suited for a particular specialty, department, or demographic. You can approach managers and leaders of different departments or healthcare teams to find out if there is a nurse that you could shadow in order to determine if this specialty would suit you.

You can ask questions to the nurse and become familiar with their knowledge, activities, risk factors, and procedures by working directly with them. You can also get honest feedback from them about their experience working in that department. 

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Final Thoughts

Be honest about what you want as you search for your dream job. Find your passion by analyzing your preferences, skills, and tendencies. Focus on your own interests and discover why you are drawn to specific careers during your journey as LPN nursing students in LPN schools. You will land your dream job in the healthcare industry if you are honest and genuine with yourself.